Do Your Early Silences Impact Your Writing Now?

I have long been fascinated by the connection between silence and language. When I say silence in this context, I’m referring to the experience of being silenced, or feeling silenced—of having something to say and being unable to say it.  I call that an “unchosen silence.” Yes, I’m well aware of another kind of silence: […]

Why Write a Prayer For Your Life on Earth?

We live in epic times. Politicians tell us:  democracy is at stake. Climate activists tell us:  there’s a war on Mother Earth. Mass shootings tell us:  violence is on a rampage.   And yet:  I urge you to write. I implore, beg, beseech, encourage, Invite you to write.   Why?   Because life is at […]

Writing as an Antidote to Despair

Dear Friend, I’ve been hearing your cries in the night. Your fears that all you care about may be lost.  Too much is at stake, too much has been damaged already, so why bother, picking up your pen, to write. Sometimes the weight between you and the page seems massive—the full force of a hurricane […]

Is Rest The Next Step That Will Lead You To Write?

Why is rest often the first step in the writing process for so many women? Writing is an invitation to honor yourself as a Creator. To do that, you need to walk through and release the stories that say “I can’t.” The weight of those stories and all that’s been needed to hold them in […]

How To Restore Creative Flow When You’re Stuck

Here’s another quick burst of inspiration, to remind you of one key thing that can fire up your writing life this week. How can you restore your creative flow when you feel stuck and aren’t writing? Remember what I shared last week:  creative expression is your birthright. If that’s true, how can you use that […]