Trust Your Voice

This is a follow-up to the 21 Day Soul Writing Journey: Come Back Home Through Writing.

The Soul Writing Journey continues with a powerful 8-week program that will support you to write every week while guiding you to deepen your capacity to Trust Your Voice!

Why is it important to trust your voice when you write?

When you write, voice is everything. Your voice consists of the actual words that come to you in the writing process. The words you hear, the words you choose.

Those words are you. They’re yours. No one gave them to you . . . except your own Muse. No one gave you permission to write . . . except you and your own Soul . . . and the Spirit that gave you life.

Writing is a gift, and to receive it, you need to trust it.

What would your life by like if you actually could trust your own voice, trust writing itself, and trust the impulse to write?

That’s the journey you’ll take in this next Soul Writing Journey.

What if you could deeply trust yourself, while you allow yourself to open to the soft, tender place that is the home of your creativity?

What if you kept trusting yourself when you’re weeping over the memories that arise when you write?

And what if you kept trusting yourself when you smile as the right words magically appear on the page, reminding you of the magic and wonder of creative expression?

Writing is an emotional process. It’s full of uncertainty and confusion. It’s messy. There aren’t a lot of set rules. And yet, writing is playful, necessary, soul-enriching and profoundly fulfilling. I want you to trust yourself so that you’re free to write what you want and need to write. And, build enough trust in writing itself so you can navigate the places where you get stuck, scared or blocked. Soul Writing is key, because your soul’s wisdom can guide you to the deepest truths you need to know.

Writing is tricky. You are tapping into your inherent vulnerability, in order to write. And yet, you have to trust yourself enough—even while risking being vulnerable—to keep writing.

This is where Soul Writing is so important.

When you bring the wisdom of your own soul into the process, it can guide you to build a strong container for the vulnerable parts of yourself that are inevitably part of the writing process.

Radical Self Care is important because when you continue to stay grounded in your own body as you write, and let your writing be an embodied process, you find a center within your own body that also supports you to have a strong container.

Building a strong container within yourself is what allows you to deepen your self trust.

Trusting your voice means that you are open enough to let your authentic voice come through.

And, you are present enough to your own feelings to allow that to happen.

And, you’re able to take care of the vulnerable self so that you don’t stop the flow that opens.

In this course, you’ll be guided to write, every week, so you actually practice using your voice!

And you’ll be guided in practices that will help you build a strong container for your writing, so that you deepen your capacity to Trust Your Voice.

To Trust Your Voice, you have to Trust Your Self. And you have to recognize the patterns and habits that arise to prevent you from trusting yourself, in the process of your writing.

Join me for the next Soul Writing Journey: Trust Your Voice.

Course Details

What do you get in this program?

The heart of the program is the writing you do in response to the weekly modules. This 8-week course can be taken in several ways: as a self study program, with the support of group calls, and with private sessions.

This Soul Writing Journey will be focused on opening your voice through writing prompts and Radical Self Care. You’ll be connecting to your body’s wisdom, the wisdom of your soul and the Earth herself as part of your writing process.

And, you’ll be guided through a process of reflection, writing, and inquiry that will deepen your ability to Trust Your Voice.

As writers, it’s easy to be sabotaged by our own inner critics. We all have them. The trick is to learn to recognize the critic for what it is, and learn how to not be stopped by it. You’ll be engaging in exercises that can quickly change your energy, so you learn to keep writing through the inner critic. And you’ll be learning to understand more deeply what’s underneath the critic, so that you deepen your ability to Trust Your Voice.

Trusting your voice is key . . . in writing, and in life. And because writing is part of your life, as you grow and evolve in your writing, you grow and evolve in your life.

That’s the beauty and magic of a Soul Writing Journey. It’s about your writing, your soul, and core issues in your life.

How It Works

You will receive weekly modules for 8 weeks via email. There will also be a final bonus week to help you integrate the material.

Each week will offer

• Writing exercises with prompts to guide your creative writing
• Radical Self Care
• Inquiry and Reflection exercises to guide you in developing Self Trust as you Write, and specifically to Trust Your Voice

Please note: This course is more about process than product. If you have an ongoing writing project, this course will definitely support you to find and trust your voice in relation to this project. It is designed to get you writing each week, and help you create a solid foundation for finding, owning, and trusting your voice. You do not need to have a project to do this course, though. The course will meet you where you are, guide your writing, and support you to Trust Your Voice. If you want to focus on a project, you can utilize the private sessions and/or the group calls to get support for that as part of this program.

Trust Your Voice, Debora SeidmanPlease contact me if you’d like to be notified the next time Trust Your Voice opens for registration.

I’m very excited about this Soul Writing Journey and supporting you to Trust Your Voice! I look forward to hearing from you!