What if you came to your writing through the gateway of love, instead of fear?

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Come Back Home Through Writing

Did you know that you can truly feel at home in your own body, no matter what you've been through? Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, it is possible to take the details of your personal story, no matter how traumatic they may be, and write your way home to an unshakable, safe space for your soul to reside.

In this 21 Day Soul Writing Journey you will learn to show up as your own witness in a profound and practical way, combining the wisdom of your words with the wisdom of your body as you work through the detailed exercises.

This course will teach you to:

  • Transform old wounds through the power of language
  • Open your own innate creative expression
  • Find words where before you've been mute, and use those words to heal
  • Remember and recognize your innate wholeness and worth, despite any past challenges
  • Clear blocks that keep you from writing
  • Light the fire of writing in your life, even if you've never considered yourself a "writer" before
  • Connect to the wisdom of your inner voice as you work through healing exercises
  • Free your voice by completing playful writing exercises
  • Show up daily in a way that supports you, your writing and your self-care
  • Find peace in your own body despite living in an often chaotic world, through the power of your own words

No previous writing experience is necessary. The gifts of writing are open to all! This 21 day course is offered through the DailyOm website:

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Writing the Prayer of Your Life

Writing the Prayer of Your Life, a workbook by Debora Seidman

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Debora Seidman is an award winning playwright and a dedicated, compassionate teacher. For over twenty years she’s been leading body centered, spirit-based writing workshops that help her students source their creative expression in a deep connection with their own body, the Earth, and the Sacred.

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