Finding Your Voice in a Time of Collective Trauma

Finding Your Voice in a Time of Collective Trauma “Your silence will not protect you,” wrote Audre Lorde in 1977. I was a college student in 1980 studying Feminism and the breaking of silence by women writers when I first encountered Lorde’s galvanizing essay titled “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action.” She was […]

Mary Oliver in Corona Times

Dear Friends, The brilliant poem, Mary Oliver For Corona Times came to me yesterday via a friend. You may have seen it, it’s being passed around the internet. I wanted to share it with you today. It stars, You do not have to become totally Zen….. The rest is below. For me it expresses something […]

Radical Self Care in Times of Crisis

Radical Self Care in Time of Crisis Rest Until You Remember What You Love In the past 24 hours, have you been able to find an oasis of calm within yourself? Have you been able to release or transmute the stress and anxiety around the corona virus, and all the changes in your world, enough […]

What Matters Now? You are Holy Ground.

The ground is shifting. What matters now? You are holy ground. The ground just shifted again. Primal fears of survival, of facing the unknown are epidemic now, along with the virus. We all are stepping through this together, in our own homes, hunkered down, sheltering in place. Is your home a shelter? Is there a […]

Write and Heal for You and For Our World

We Heal Now on Behalf of the Whole When you write from and with your soul, you come closer to the power of your own awakened heart as a force for thriving in your life and as a force for justice in our world. This week I offer you two invitations to write as a […]