When Writing is a Bridge to The Writing You Long To Do

Sometimes in order to get to the writing you most want to do, there’s another kind of writing that’s necessary. Many writers keep a process journal to do this kind of writing. When I teach, I combine creative writing exercises and soul writing practices, to ensure that we’re always making room for the many parts of […]

Be Part of a Creativity Revolution

I came across a quote this morning: “The Old World Mind is obviously not working. And surely not what we want. What we need is for everyone to live from one’s soul. For this everyone has to AWAKEN!”         Writing—when it’s intentionally connected to your soul–can help us shift into the New […]

How Does Writing Help You Come Home To Yourself?

How Does Writing Help You Come Home? When you’re not sure how you are where you are   or where to go next— You can come to the page solely for the purpose of calling your own name.   Dear One, Beloved, Sweet Child of Life Itself— Have you forgotten that your home is inside […]

Is Love Ever Enough?

This newsletter is focused around a writing prompt. The prompt comes from a poem written by one of my readers in response to a post I sent out. I wanted to keep the circle going, by giving her poem to you, along with an invitation to write. Here’s the prompt, if that’s all you have […]

What Do You Need To Rest From?

What do you need to rest from?   In these times when so much is intensifying in our world—violence, cataclysmic effects of climate change, to name a few—it’s  more important than ever that you stay consistent with the practices that soothe, stabilize, and nourish your sensitive, creative self. At times you need to do more […]