Write and Heal for You and For Our World

We Heal Now on Behalf of the Whole

When you write from and with your soul, you come closer to the power of your own awakened heart as a force for thriving in your life and as a force for justice in our world.

This week I offer you two invitations to write as a way to catalyze the healing and transformation you need personally and to catalyze healing and transformation in our world. Whatever else you do in the face of so much painful violence in our world, coming together to give voice to what’s within you can strengthen, nourish and assist you.

I’ve been deeply affected by two mass shootings this weekend, as I’m sure many of you are. And while I’m outraged at politicians who block legislation I also believe that our hearts need to process the assaults.

On Wednesday, August 7 the Free Monthly Sacred Writing Circle will be in honor of healing, and you’re invited to be part of it. You can sign up here. The call takes place at noon Pacific Time, 3 pm Eastern Time, and lasts one hour.

And, I’m offering a new 8 week course: Freeing Your Silences: Fulfilling Your Destiny. This course is for you if you feel your voice is blocked by parts of you who don’t feel safe to express their truth because of past hurts that silenced you. More details are below. Contact me if you’re interested by responding to this email, or writing me at DeboraSei@gmail.com.

Keep reading to find out more about what it means, to heal personally and collectively through writing.

So many of us are going through so much. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. Yet we’re being asked to remember that our lives are part of these times of great transformation. We are part of a whole world in transition. So many places in our world are crying out in pain, and sometimes many places in our own lives cry out in pain.

When it feels overwhelming, it helps me to remember that it’s enough if my energy is devoted to healing myself. Because I know that every act of healing serves the whole fabric of life.

All that I do to heal myself I also do to heal our world. We are one and the same. Part of one interconnected whole. The world lives in me and I live in the world. When I honor my pain, grief, horror and outrage at another mass shooting, another hate crime, the truth of immigrants in cages at the border, I am honoring what it means to my heart to live in these times.

Actions can take many forms. For me, to give voice to the range of feelings in my heart is a first step. As I express what’s true…the whole range of what’s true…I begin to know what other actions are mine to take in this world.

From what I understand, I am here to learn to live through my heart, in love and not in fear. So much of what needs to heal in our world is a shift from a paradigm of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance….the abundance of a world where everyone has enough love and enough of their needs met to thrive.

To keep my heart open, sometimes I need to grieve. What I love about writing is that it allows whatever I’m feeling to be honored. Then, through the writing process, I come into alignment with my heart and the feelings can alchemize into an energy that becomes part of healing and transformation.

I want to help you do this, because it matters and it can help.

I also believe that coming together in community to support each other to have a voice is an action that makes sense.

So I offer you two invitations to write and heal…and know that your personal journey of healing and transformation has repercussions for our world. That is one of the truths of our times. More and more we know that we live in one global field of energy. When one heart opens and awakens to the truth of its own wholeness, more love is available to be offered for healing wherever healing is needed.

When you take the time to write, you come closer to the power of your own awakened heart as a force for thriving in your life and as a force for justice in our world.

The free monthly call on Wednesday, August 7 will be devoted to personal and planetary healing.

The call takes place at 12 noon Pacific Time, 3 pm Eastern Time. It’s free and you can register here.

And, I’m offering a new program: Freeing Your Silences, Fulfilling Your Destiny. This program could also be called…I have a right to be here and I have a right to have a voice. It’s an 8 week course dedicated to calling your lost ones home. Parts of you that lost their voice, went into a silence, and have not known how to come through to the other side.

The other side promises wholeness, freedom of expression, and a tenderness toward yourself that emerges organically when you shower your pain with compassion.

If you feel called to do that work, please contact me and I’ll give you more details. The program begins the week of August 19.