What Is My Body’s Deepest Prayer?

What is my body’s deepest prayer?

When I started asking myself this question, it was a revelation. It took me to such a deep level of awareness, I felt my consciousness shift simply by saying the question out loud.

I lived a long time with a chronic illness that was difficult to treat. My life felt like a roller coaster, with major ups and downs in my health, no matter the exquisite self care I consistently practiced, and the many thousands of dollars I spent on treatments. The best doctors and healers I consulted were unable to prevent the breakdowns and setbacks that kept happening, and were always devastating.

As I turned more and more to my own body, to ask her voice and wisdom to guide me, I found that the right question made all the difference in the kind of guidance I received. This question: “What is my body’s deepest prayer?” is one that consistently revealed a path I would have never seen; a path that made a palpable difference in my life.

Have you ever asked yourself this question? It’s a question that can lead to insight in a variety of situations. If you’re sick, it can lead you to layers and nuances in your own self care that you might not otherwise come to.

If you’re wrestling with a decision, it’s a very powerful question to ask. If you’re seeking guidance in your day, or in a project, this question can yield tremendous fruits.

I find that when you bring the word prayer into an inquiry, it allows your body and your spirit to come into alignment with your highest self, and your greatest possibility.

Prayer is about more than supplication. Prayer is also about communion. When you ask, “What’s my body’s deepest prayer?” you open to the possibility of communion with Source that’s always available. Your body’s deepest prayer is always to find wholeness and holiness, and your life’s journey provides many opportunities to learn what that means for you at any given moment.

These days, many of us are concerned about the state of our nation, and the state of the world. We’re concerned about the divisiveness in our political discourse, and many of us are concerned about the fate of the earth itself, given our current administration.

If you’re called to action, it’s extremely important that you take care of yourself so that your voice and your actions come from a centered, balanced place within yourself.

And, if you find yourself struggling with despair or discouragement, it’s doubly important that you make your own self care a priority.

Asking the question, “What is my body’s deepest prayer?” is a powerful tool to add to your Self Care tool box. It’s also one of the reflective writing exercises you’ll receive, if you participate in the 21 Day Soul Writing Journey, Come Home To Your Body.

Sometimes you’ll do writing exercises that free your expression and jumpstart your creativity. Those are interwoven with Soul Writing Inquiry, like the question I just offered you. Together, the writing practices, along with radical self care practices, bring you deeper and deeper into communion with the home that’s possible, inside your own skin.

This homecoming with your own body provides you a powerful foundation for your writing. When you’re strongly rooted in your body, your voice will be rich and subtle, allowing you to express the full range of what you want and need to say.

As one of last year’s participants wrote,

I will be forever buoyed up by the deep beauty that is this program: “21 Day Soul Writing Journey!” I began writing to my soul, then for my soul , and then as my soul. I’ve discovered that my soul, my Self, actually loves to write. My struggle to become a writer has ended—finally. During this journey I came into sweet rapport with all the pieces, parts, and places of me, once lost, now newly found. I gained access to the hidden light within the chambers of my body temple and beheld my very own sleeping beauty, for which I will never again apologize. I trust my gifts.

Rev. Dr. Joanne Coleman, minister
Culver City, CA

Your writing practice:

Whether or not it’s time for you to participate in this Soul Writing Journey, give yourself the gift of asking yourself this question, if you feel drawn to it.

I suggest you set aside 10-15 minutes when you can be quiet and undisturbed. Sit down and write, “What is my body’s deepest prayer?”

Then, pause for a moment. Take a few centering breaths, and feel your awareness sink into your body. Feel your feet on the floor, feel your self sinking into the chair or whatever you’re sitting on. Then, pick up your pen again. Invite your body’s deepest wisdom to respond. Let your body know you’re ready and willing to listen to whatever she has to say, no matter what.

Then, write for at least five minutes.

I’d love to know what happens if you do this process. I think your body and your soul will be grateful for the opportunity to speak to you in this way!

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about the 21 Day Soul Writing Journey, please let me know!

Blessings on all the songs and stories of your soul,

Debora Seidman