“Community is Holy”

“Community is Holy”


On Tuesday night, I offered  a free call introducing Women’s Voices Rising.  On that call, I shared one of the secrets that I teach in the program, that can make a huge difference when it comes to your writing.


It’s the power to know you are not alone, when you write.  Even when you sit down by yourself at your desk, you are never alone.  When you start to know that, you can source your writing in a place of strength and connection, instead of feeling isolated, and afraid.


I taught three practices that help you cultivate the awareness that you aren’t alone when you write:


  1. Recognizing and remembering that you’re part of a global community of women, rising, to bring their voices into the world.
  2. Learning to write in a way that allows you to be supported by, as well as in support of, the Earth.
  3. Connect with the great love of the Divine—the Sacred itself—as a real and palpable source of support when you write.


Those practices are part of what Women’s Voices Rising  will teach you.  If you missed the call but would like to listen to the recording, you can download it here.


By the end of the call, one of the women listening shared her insight:  “Community is holy.”


Yes.  Community is holy, and so helpful, when it comes to writing.  It’s so easy to get trapped in feeling like there’s something wrong with you if you’re not making time for writing, or not finishing the projects you begin.


But what if what’s holding you back is simply a problem whose solution you have not yet found?


What if one of the solutions is to write in connection with a community?


I’m offering another free call to share more about Women’s Voices Rising, on Thursday, January 22 at 10 am Pacific Time, 11 am Mountain Time, 1 pm Eastern.  Remember, there are two options for taking this course:  Tuesday evening at 5 pm Pacific, and Thursday morning at 10 am Pacific, starting the week of February 10.


The focus of this call will be another key I teach in this program:  “Turning Your Fear of Writing into A Portal of Love and Unleash Your Creative Power!”


In my experience, almost every writer struggles with fear at some time or another.  Some of us get totally paralyzed by that fear.  But very few writing programs address this fear.


So, if you’re one of the ones who get stopped by your fear, you end up feeling like something’s wrong with you.


What I’ve found, though, is that the fear that stops you is a doorway.  If you find the courage and support to walk through that doorway….to step closer to the fear, so you can really see what it’s all about, you open up tremendous possibility.


The possibility of loving parts of you that are starving for love.


The possibility of freeing your writing from the prison it’s been locked in.


The possibility of truly falling in love with your writing, and having access to all the gifts, magic and energy that comes when you actually write.


And finally, the possibility of bringing your voice into the world, which desperately needs the voice and vision of creative, intelligent, sensitive women, like you.


One the important teachings of Women’s Voices Rising is how to honor your sensitivity, so that you have access to it in order to write; while also protecting it, so you feel safe.


I want to remind you that the early bird registration for Women’s Voices Rising ends today, Thursday, January 15 at midnight Pacific Time.


With two exceptions:


  1. If you come to call live on Thursday, January 22 (10 am pacific, 11 am Mountain, 1 pm Eastern Time)  you can register on that day only for the early bird price.


  1. If you sign up with a friend.  You register for the early bird price of $197, and your friend registers for only $97.00!  That special offer will last until February 1.


If you have any questions about the program, and if it’s right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Here’s to your voice rising in 2015!


Women’s Voices Can Heal Our World!!  And your voice matters,




Debora Seidman