With Debora’s guidance, I continue to discern Life’s Meaning and Purpose

A theologian friend of mine once told me that we need to tell our story over and over again until we get it right. What he meant, of course, was that we wrestle with getting to the Truth of our stories, much as the biblical Jacob did with his Angel, until we find the meaning of our lives, the Calling that is uniquely ours to live.

What Writing the Prayer of Your Life offers is not only the experience of enhancing one’s skills in the art and practice of writing, but the distinctive opportunity to explore the profound and mysterious landscape of one’s inner resources in the process.

My participation in the course deepened and reinforced awareness of my need to attend more mindfully and purposefully to self care as a way of honoring the earthen vessel that shelters my Soul, maintaining and sustaining the balance in body, mind and spirit that nurtures a Right Relationship with the Spirit, and responding to my Call to write. Engaging in Debora’s adventurous writing exercises draws out one’s story in ways that honor, respect and celebrate the complexities and paradoxes of the quest for the More in life. Debora offers the opportunity to wrestle safely with ones Angels – and Demons! For reasons I cannot yet fully comprehend or understand, this course is essential for my Spiritual Journey and a unique opportunity to embrace and not avoid, devalue or diminish my call to attend to my Writing Voice. And so, with Debora’s guidance, I continue to discern Life’s Meaning and Purpose as I continue to Write the Prayer of My Life.

Karen Pugliese, MA, BCC
Advanced Practice Chaplain
Manager, Spiritual Care Resources
Central DuPage Hospital
Winfield, Illinois