Do Your Early Silences Impact Your Writing Now?

I have long been fascinated by the connection between silence and language.

When I say silence in this context, I’m referring to the experience of being silenced, or feeling silenced—of having something to say and being unable to say it.  I call that an “unchosen silence.”

Yes, I’m well aware of another kind of silence: the awe inspiring peace filled silence that comes when we open to the mystical.

In a certain way these silences are connected. And I may speak of that another time.

But for today, I’m writing to you if you’ve ever had something to say, and been too afraid to say it.

And then, at some other point in your life, you’re called to write, and, as much as you want to write, something stops you.

What I believe today, after decades of exploring my own silences and supporting other women to become free from their silences as writers, is that the early silence—the first time you wanted to say something and stopped yourself—left an imprint.

An imprint which says:  “I can’t say what I feel is true.  I can’t say what I know is true.”

That imprint is connected to your current obstacles as a writer.  But those obstacles are not here to keep you trapped in frustration.  They’re the doorway to your ultimate liberation.

If you return to those early imprints as a sacred pilgrimage, as part of a soul-writing-journey to recover a part of you that lost her voice years ago, you will make a connection with a source of luminous energy and power that can transform your writing, and your life, forever.

When you start to give voice to what made you silent, you start to heal.  When you know that your silence is also a holy place, you know you were never broken, at all.

This journey of reconnection is the heart of the two programs I’ll be offering over the coming year.  My two Soul-Writing-JourneysCome Back Home Through Writing and Trust Your Voice are available as private and semi-private programs, because this is a journey of intimacy.

To really make a lasting change in relation to your writing, you need to slow down, take the time to look within, and explore your “unchosen silences” and make them holy, again.

This is the way to liberate the creative energy still held within.

If you’d like to learn more about these programs as they become available, let me know.  If you suspect that your writing today is held back because of early silences, and you’d like to have a conversation about how you can start the journey toward freedom, let me know.

When you free the true power of your voice, your free your writing and you free your life.

Your voice is such an essential part of yourself.  Whether you consider yourself a “writer” or know that writing is part of your pathway to stay connected to yourself, having access to your own true voice is essential.

Noticing your silences: the places you hesitate, hold yourself back, don’t say what you feel or know to be true, can be a key to unblocking your energy to fully express your creativity!