I feel like the two rivers of my voice flowed in the safe harbor she created

In Writing the Prayer of Your Life, Deborah created a deeply sacred place for me to unearth my writer’s voice and more importantly the mechanics of how to develop my own spiritual writing practice for my voice to flow from each day. This power comes from her own practice as a writer deeply rooted in her own faith and in the wisdom of the Amherst Writers Project.

Deborah brings a level of equanimity to her class as a teacher who practices beginners mind. She is both the teacher and always student with you along the path of transformation and healing through the written and spoken word. Like roots running through the ground supporting a tall tree, she supports you with her own faith and her own practice to give birth to yours. I feel like the two rivers of my voice flowed in the safe harbor she created. Her encouragement calling my work “both a dharma teaching and a science lesson” has given me the faith and courage to keep writing my book and to blog about the dangers of lawn chemicals to the ecosystem and humanity. I’m eternally grateful to her lending a hand to ignite my pen on this mission to heal the Earth.

In Deepest Gratitude,
Bernadette Giblin, NOFA-AOLCP
413-727-3427 MA
631-613-6211 NY
2011 TURI Grant Project Grant Writer & Consultant
Creating Safeground: Transitioning Look Park’s Pines Theater to a 100% Pesticide & Petrochemical Free Organic Land Care Strategy