What Happens When You Trust Your Voice?

Soul Writing Deepening:  Come Home To Your Voice

Starts April 26!


What happens when you start to trust your own voice?


How does coming home to your body, and writing from-with-and-to your own soul help?


Last month a dedicated group completed a 21 Day Soul Writing Journey:  Come Home To Your Body.


Utilizing tools I have developed over many years– a combination of writing and radical self care,–they engaged in a deep inquiry into what it meant for them, to come home to their own body.  To be at home in their own body.


The guidance of the soul was crucial in this journey.  When you write from your soul, you get out of the trap of what your mind thinks, and enter a deeper river of insight, creativity, and revelation.


The wisdom of the body was another essential element.  When you start to listen to your own body, and turn toward your challenges, instead of turning away from them, your body becomes your ally.


The whole journey was one of deepening trust in your own self.  In the process, we both played with creative expression to remember the joy and delight of writing, and faced the core wounds that show up and keep us from feeling free to write what we need and what to write.


The breakthroughs that came through this process touched me deeply.


Here are a few:


I began writing to my soul, then formy soul , and then as my soul.  I’ve discovered that my soul, mySelf, actually loves to write.  So, my struggle to become a writer has ended—finally. …During this journey I  came into sweet rapport with all the pieces, parts, and places of me, once lost, now newly found.  I gained access to the hidden light within the chambers of my body temple and beheld my very own sleeping beauty, for which I will never again apologize.  I trust my gifts.

–Reverend Joanne Coleman

Minister, Culver City, California




The Journey directed me more deeply into my body needs, my body’s wounds, my body’s sacred core and holiness.  I was able to feel the quiet guidance of my awakening voice, where my unhealed wounds melted, surrendered and infused my entire being. …I began to realize how much I have needed and wanted to be loved and give love.  ….  I am now clearer and connected to voice that is writing my memoir.  I had been searching for my voice.  …

Marta Luzim, MS

Muse, Guide, and Sacred Healer

For the Beautiful Madwoman

Psychospiritual therapist and Creative Coach



Why is your voice connected to your core wounds?


Writing is a courageous act.  I’ve said this over and over again.  Because writing is all about revealing yourself.


The blocks that come up in the course of writing are an opportunity to heal these core wounds, because if blocks do emerge—if you get stuck in your writing, either not finishing what you start, or not showing up to the page when you want to write, the blocks are simply mirroring your relationship with your self.


The gift is:  when you stay present with all that arises in the process of writing, the joys as well as the challenges, you grow into a more whole version of your soul.


I used to feel incredibly frustrated by how difficult it was for me to finish projects.  I felt I was constantly breaking my own heart, by abandoning my writing.


When I finally learned how to turn toward these painful patterns, and listen to them with the ears of my soul, and with the guidance of my writing itself, everything changed.


I learned to love myself in places that had been starved for love, forever.


I saw that my writing “blocks” were tremendous teachers for me, portals, if I let them be, into gathering up lost, terrified and silenced parts of myself, that were waiting for me to call them home.


This is what can happen when you learn to trust your own voice: you start to trust your self.  Writing then becomes a source of freedom instead of a source of pain.


The next Soul Writing Journey will focus on this:  Come Home To Your Voice.


It will begin on April 26.


This course will consist of 8 modules that you will do over a period of 16 weeks.


Each module will be a substantial guide for your writing, supported by Radical Self Care, and your journey to transform the core wound that keeps you from trusting your voice, your writing, and your self.


You’ll find that when you transform the core of what holds you back, you gain energy and strength that propels you forward in a new way.


You may even have a quantam leap in your own writing.



Soul Writing Deepening:  Come Home To Your Voice


I’ll be sharing more about this exciting program in the next few weeks.   If you’d like to receive information, email me today!


Does what I’m saying here make sense to you?  Do you have questions, responses?
I’d love to hear!
Please share what comes up for you, when it comes to trusting your own voice.