How To Restore Creative Flow When You’re Stuck

Here’s another quick burst of inspiration, to remind you of one key thing that can fire up your writing life this week.

How can you restore your creative flow when you feel stuck and aren’t writing?

Remember what I shared last week:  creative expression is your birthright.

If that’s true, how can you use that awareness to help you when you’re not feeling connected to your writing at all?  When you feel really stuck?

Well the answer starts in the question.  Simply remembering that creative expression is your birthright gives you access to the power to restore creative flow to your life when it feels far away.

The power to make lasting change in your life has a lot to do with your habits.  When you start to make it habitual—this knowledge that creative expression is your birthright—then you can call upon that awareness in many situations.

To bring that awareness into action when you feel stuck or blocked, try this:

Set an intention to connect to your writing.  Even if it feels completely impossible at this moment, be willing to set that intention and just play in the field of possibility for five minutes.  If nothing happens, no big deal…but who knows??

Then: Stand up.  Move around.  Shake your hands, feet, torso.  Move your hips.  Breathe into your belly and feel your energy in the core of your body, especially the area right below your navel.  Open your throat and yawn.  Stretch.

Now, while you’re still standing, ask The One Who Knows what she has to say.

Sometimes we get stuck because another part of us wants to speak.  You may be used to writing in a certain voice, or you may just be stuck in a certain groove in your brain that’s connected with a part of you that’s used to getting stuck.

But you have access to the power to open up another channel.  Within you is brilliance and magnificence and clarity, just waiting to be expressed.  But you need to ask to connect to that part of you.  I call her:  The One Who Knows.

Ask that one—The One Who Knows to write to you.  Then before you start thinking too much  (or at all) about it, simply sit down, pick up your pen and put some words down on the page.  You might be surprised by what comes out!

Let yourself follow the words on the page, allowing the energy of The One Who Knows to guide you.  If you have questions, ask her.

Return to this practice whenever you get stuck.  You can also use this practice for guidance when you’re not stuck but want to access your inner compass.

Play with it and have fun!  Creative expression is your birthright and you can give yourself full permission to access it as often as you like.