Imagine a World Where Women’s Voices Matter

Imagine a world where women’s voices matter.

Yours. Mine.

Every woman—and all women—who care about the earth. Those voices matter.

Every woman—and all women—who care about healing lost parts of themselves so they have access to their whole self here, now, to live their truth.

Those voices matter.

Every woman—and all women—who hear the voices of the river, who commune with oak trees, who listen to the red tailed hawk soaring above: their voices matter.

My vision for the world I want to be part of creating in 2015 is a world where women’s voices matter. A world where women’s voices rise, together, to speak the truth on behalf of life on earth.

Imagine: A circle of women, standing, shoulder to shoulder, linking arms, hands, hearts—spreading across the globe.

A circle of women of all colors, all ages, all nationalities, who care about life on earth. Supporting one another, so that each can bring her unique and necessary voice, her unique and necessary vision, into the world.

Imagine how supported you would feel, if you stood in that circle, knowing there was a woman beside you, supporting you, caring about your voice, as you care about hers.

That’s the world I invite you to join, in Women’s Voices Rising for Life on Earth.

Do you feel you have something to say, but struggle with fears, self-doubt, even shame when you come face to face with your longing to write? Women’s Voices Rising for Life on Earth is for you.

Do you know three women whose voice matters, but isn’t yet being heard? Would you share this email with them? Because Women’s Voices Rising for Life on Earth is for them.

On Tuesday, January 13, I invite you to join me for a free call introducing the vision of Women’s Voices Rising for Life on Earth. The call will be at 5 pm Pacific Time, 6 pm Mountain Time, 8 pm Eastern Time.

Women’s Voices Rising for Life on Earth is a powerful, life-changing seven week teleclass. The class begins February 10, if you want an evening class ( 5pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8 pm Eastern)

Or, if you prefer a day time class, there’s also a section that begins Thursday, February 12, at 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 12 noon Central, and 1 pm Eastern Time.

There’s an early bird discount if you sign up by January 15, so now’s the time to register!!

Or come to the free call on Tuesday, January 13, to learn more and get your questions answered.

Please check out my new video (very short, only 1 minute) about why women’s voices matter. And leave your comments below…I want to hear from you!

Why do you think women’s voices matter for life on earth?

If you feel women’s voices matter for life on earth, where does it get hard for you, to value your own voice?

How might that change, if you were part of a circle of women, each one supporting you, each one someone you wanted to support, to find her truest voice, her most powerful, significant, life-enhancing vision? And the words, the courage, the confidence, to know that nothing is more important than this: to love yourself enough to know that you matter, your voice matters, and your vision is necessary to the healing of our world, starting with your own world?

We are all inter-connected. If your voice is blocked, or stuck, or deeply buried in fear, it affects me, because, in the words of Fannie Lou Hamer, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”

Now is the time! Your voice matters! We need you….and You need you! To believe in yourself that much.

And Women’s Voices Rising is here to help. To help you believe in yourself, so you can be free enough to know that your voice matters!

Come to the free call, Tuesday, January 13, 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern Time. Register for the early bird special. Watch this video and leave your comments about why you think Women’s Voices Matter for Life on Earth!!!