Is Rest The Next Step That Will Lead You To Write?

Why is rest often the first step in the writing process for so many women?

Writing is an invitation to honor yourself as a Creator.

To do that, you need to walk through and release the stories that say “I can’t.”

The weight of those stories and all that’s been needed to hold them in place can be exhausting.

It’s not your fault.  And it’s certainly not a sign of failure, to surrender to a need to heal when you feel the call to write.

It’s a sign of our times.  So much is shifting in consciousness as the world awakens to more truth.  In order to hold space for the truth, your body will need to release that which is not truth:  fear.

The fear gets held in our cells and the tissues of our body.  The release of fear is a kind of detox.

Yet what are we releasing into?

The Divine.

Which is Love.

Unconditional Love.

When you feel tired and need to rest, rest in the arms of Unconditional Love.

When you long to write and aren’t sure if you can, rest in the arms of Divine Love.

When your doubts and fears become stronger than your own ability to center yourself in the heart of your own strength, rest in the arms of The Beloved of Your Soul.

Great tenderness is needed when you turn toward the call to write.  Over and over and over again.

Rest until you remember what you love is one of the first steps on the Soul Writing Journey, because if you rest until you remember what you love, eventually you will remember that you Are Love.

You will remember that Love has not forsaken you.  You will remember that Love is what called you to write, and Love will guide you to heal all that arises, as you answer that call.

This is the kind of rest that leads to restoration.

This is the kind of rest that is steeped in gratitude.

This is what it means to rest into the voice of your own soul, guiding you home.