Meet Debora the Writer

8213d9_16be1b9c5907405caa51497053451255Debora Seidman, playwright of The Lilac Minyan, is not only an award winning writer and poet, she’s also an inspired creative guide. For over twenty years she’s been leading body centered, spirit-based workshops that help her students source their creative expression in a deep connection with their own body, the earth, and the Sacred.

Debora is passionate about creating a safe space for her students to breathe life into their most sacred stories. She is deeply inspired by her experience of seeing the power of writing change her student’s lives. Her students have found her approach to be deeply moving. She’s a passionate advocate for restoring balance to the way we live on this earth, and teaches a creative writing process that guides you to do just that.

8213d9_5a077583a6d449d4862a7b23581a3d1aWorking privately with Debora is a like having your own personal mystic guide to discovering the treasures of your creative soul. Debora’s gift and calling is to open the creative flow in you, so that you find your own mystic muse within. As a guide, she will facilitate a journey of creative awakening that’s guided by your own wisdom which you will access through your own writing practice.Debora is constantly amazed by the way writing itself provides the truest and most reliable map. Her role is to guide you to write your way to the gold within you, waiting to be discovered.

Debora has created a variety of individual and group programs that can be tailored to your specific writing needs. Several programs include a curriculum of exercises that Debora has structured and designed for particular stages on the creative journey.

If you’ve never worked with Debora before, or if it’s been a while, an initial complimentary 30 minute consultation will help to determine the best way for you to engage in your creative exploration with her. Once you’ve had this initial consultation, you can determine what offerings best meet your needs.

In her words: Throughout my life, I’ve found that writing takes me to the deepest places of healing I know. The challenges I’ve faced personally, and the challenges in the world that break my heart, are the very things I’ve brought to my plays, poetry and prose. As a teacher, I’m passionate about creating a safe space where the most sacred stories of our lives come forth.

Debora’s philosophy, as a writer, writing teacher and guide:

I believe writing is healing.
I believe writing is powerful medicine.
I believe that we are supported by a larger field of life I call the Sacred.
When we call upon the Sacred in support of our words and visions, we become unstoppable.
When you offer your writing as a prayer from your heart to the heart of the world, you join in the Sacred Circle of all those alive today who are committed to creating a world that works for all of us.

I see prayer as a fierce, loving force that has real muscle in affecting how the world works.

I want to support you in this Sacred Work, of bringing forth your voice and vision into the world.

I invite you to Contact me to schedule a Complimentary Conversation, to see if I can help your voice Rise into the World, Now!