Be Part of a Creativity Revolution

I came across a quote this morning:

“The Old World Mind is obviously not working. And surely not what we want.

What we need is for everyone to live from one’s soul. For this everyone has to AWAKEN!”



    Writing—when it’s intentionally connected to your soul–can help us shift into the New World Mind, and can help us move closer to a world that works for everyone.

     Keep reading, to learn how.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the deepest purposes of the work I do, and why it’s important in these times.

This is not a new question for me.  Since the earliest Writing the Prayer of Your Life workshops, I was connecting the importance of creativity—finding, claiming and using your voice to its full potential—as one of the antidotes to a world of violence and destruction.

I was—and am—particularly tuned in to the devastating effects modern humanity has had on Mother Earth.

Today we see the effects of climate change in massive fires, floods and storms and wonder what we can do.

There are solutions. Certain scientists have been aware of them for a long time.  We have the means to shift our carbon imprint dramatically.

What we lack is the will.

Which brings me back to the role of Creatives in this massive time of earth changes.

  We are here—the creatives, the sensitives, the ones whose soul is called to write—to show the way forward, and to remind each other what humanity is capable of.

You can be—if you choose—part of the revolution in consciousness, which is one of the most important ways we can change our world.

Consciousness is who you are.  It is the stuff of which you’re made.  And, creativity is the essence of consciousness.

Another way to say that is—consciousness itself is the energy that created you.  Creation– the energy to be a Creator—is fundamentally human.

   It is a human capacity. It is what human beings can be.  It is what being human is all about. 

We are Creators.  We were created from Creative Energy and we are made of Creative Energy and we are here to give back Creative Energy in all kinds of ways.

Yet we live in a world where creation—creative energy—the power to create is dismissed, at best. It’s neglected. It’s seen as the province of only the few, the gods.  It’s seen as irrelevant, frivolous, extra-curricular—the thing that can be easily cut from the budget.

But this is dangerous. Because it cuts us off from the core of our humanity

When we forget our humanity, we lock other humans in cages, we sell children as sex slaves, we poison the ground that grows our food.

This disconnection from our humanity is fundamental to the crisis of our times.  And each of us—you, me, your best friend, your children—has a part in turning it around.

What I’m learning is that the power of the Light—which is Love—which is Consciousness itself—is exponential. Meaning it really has a measurable influence in our world to shift energy and life.  More than you would think.

A single candle is all it takes to dispel the darkness in an unlit room.

Your little choice to write today can be an act on behalf of all creation, on behalf of life.  And it makes a real difference in the balance in our world…if that’s part of your intention.

When I encourage you to not give up—to take the time to write, it’s because I want you to choose life.  Over and over again.  Choose life, and choose your soul’s life, over and over again.

I want you to choose it in the face of your own fear and self–destructive impulses—we all have them—and I want you to choose it on behalf of life on earth.

   Be part of the solution.  Be part of a Creativity Revolution.  A Soul Writing  contribution to shift the tipping point, more and more to the side of life.  Fully flourishing, fully expressed life.

Helps us shift consciousness in this turbulent world by aligning your self with the forces of creation itself.

Remember that is who you are:  Creation Itself.

You strengthen the muscles that help you remember, by doing it.  Taking the time to write.

It doesn’t have to be an epic novel, unless you’re ready for that.

It can be five minutes of intentional writing once in your day.

Before you write,  ground yourself on this Earth.  Plant your feet on the floor and extend your roots.

Down down down into the ground.

Ask the earth to support you.

She will.

If it feels right, tell the earth that you are here for her, that your words are being written as a prayer to heal the fabric that holds our life together.

And then, just write.

Whatever comes.

Then read it aloud.

Offer it, as a prayer to the earth.

Or to someone.

Some part of life

That needs healing

The first one in line for that healing

Is often

Your own precious

beautiful, frightened and courageous



Do this with intention and heart and it will nourish you.

Do this in a circle of others and the nourishment will be amplified.


I want to let you know that I’m preparing to offer more groups this fall.  It’s all still in progress but as far as I see there will be a few options.

Once a month, a free group for us to join together to write prayers for life on earth, for personal and planetary healing and transformation.

Also: I will offer a group for those of you ready for a deep dive to restore a foundation of wholeness in your relationship with your writing and with your life.  It will be a guided and supported expansion of the self study program,  Come Back Home Through Writing.

I will also be offering a series of four week groups for Writing as A Way to Wholeness.  These will combine writing and radical self care.  Each series will have a particular focus.

Let me know if any of these interest you, and look for more details in the weeks to come.

For now, know that it’s real.  Every time you write, with intention, you are part of healing and changing your own consciousness.  Every time you write, from your fully embodied self, you are creating more energy for your own life force to inhabit your body.

Every time you write from the voice of your soul, your soul comes home.

And that’s what the soul wants: to come home.

Writing is such a good way to get your self home.

We all need to help each other, these days, to keep remembering that always, in all ways, we have the capacity to come back home.

For now, I send you much love.