Sacred Writing Circles

with Debora Seidman

A time to write . . .

A time to to be held in the safety of sacred community . . .

A time to offer your words as a prayer to a world in need of healing . . .

Two hours to turn inward and give voice to what’s stirring inside you.

As Mary Oliver says in her poem “Mockingbirds”:

Wherever it was

I was supposed to be

this morning—

whatever it was I said

I would be doing—

I was standing

 at the edge of the field—

I was hurrying

through my own soul

opening its dark doors—

I was leaning out;

I was listening.

Come Home to Your Soul

When you come together in a circle to write, you’re able to drop down to a deeper place than you can on your own. We need each other now. We need ourselves now. 

These writing circles are for you if you need to come home to your soul, through the power of your own words.

What Participants are Saying

Thank you very much, Debora, for the writing
Circle today. It brought me back into
A remembrance of a deeper love for 
Who I am. Thank you for sharing
The beautiful poems and the important 
Writing prompts. 

—Deeply grateful, Rose.

I am really not a writer, but I have to say that this class is opening up the floodgates of emotion and the ability to write more than I thought I could.

I am feeling myself opening up like a flower that was almost dead. The soil has become nice and moist and the flower is no longer drooping and sad, but open and beautiful.

—Thank you Debora for your beautiful instructions,
Elizabeth R.

Debora Seidman’s Sacred Writing Circle is truly nourishing and inspiring! Debora’s content is always meaningful for me, and the interaction with all the participants opens up even more thoughts and possibilities.

For me the result is action rather than passively receiving such sacred wisdom.

—Thank you dear Debora, Gale Dorion

Your compassionate guidance has been an essential constant on every call our group has had these past years. Somehow you always seem to hold a loving space for whatever needs to be said and heard. I feel like a flower that is coming into bloom. Without this group, it would be nearly impossible for me to have found my (writing) voice.   

Thank you for witnessing me through this process. Being seen by you helps me to see myself.

—Lisa Ling

Meet Debora Seidman

Debora Seidman is an award-winning playwright and a dedicated, compassionate teacher. Since 1996 she’s been leading body centered, spirit-based writing workshops that help her students source their creative expression in a deep connection with their own body, the Earth, and the Sacred. 

Upcoming Sacred Writing Circles

We’ll meet on Zoom at various times and days this summer. (Mountain Time) Next Circle Tuesday, September 19; 12 pm Pacific, 1 pm Mountain Time, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern:

  • Tuesday, September 19
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Sunday, TBA

How to Register

Please register for the next Sacred Writing Circle by paying $18:

Once you register you’ll get the Zoom link. If you don’t get the Zoom link right away please check your SPAM folder!

When it’s time for our writing circle to begin, follow the Zoom link and I’ll see you there!