Listening to the Stories of the Soul

A eight week program of profound support to help you begin (or begin again) to create a writing life that is sustainable and inspirational for you.

This course is currently available as a self-study program, or with private sessions. Contact Debora  to register, or to ask questions about these options.

This program is for you when you’re ready to begin, or begin again, to carve out a life which includes writing, in a way that becomes a sacred practice for you.

This is my entry level program, and is designed for writers of all levels and all genres. Beginning writers have used this structure to start writing, and professional writers who’ve gotten stuck in their writing have used it to free up their blocks and get them writing again, in a more authentic way.

One of the most helpful things to get your writing practice going (or going again) is a clear structure. The heart of this program is the eight week Listening to the Stories of Your Soul curriculum. Every week you receive a writing lesson and writing exercises, based on the theories and practices that make up Writing the Prayer of Your Life.

You’ll be guided to create your own sacred writing practice, and you’ll be given weekly writing assignments designed to free up the channels that allow your authentic voice to flow freely onto the page. You’ll also receive guidance to help you transform the limiting beliefs and negative thinking that keep you stuck and not writing.

My intention is that by the end of this program, you have the basis for establishing a healthy foundation for your writing life. You’ll begin to have true and consistent access to a voice that is authentic, powerful, and uniquely yours. You’ll also have begun to heal your deepest blocks, and have begun to heal your relationship with your Inner Critic, so that instead of being silenced and stopped, you’ll be free to harness that energy for your growth and development as a writer.

The Curriculum

Week one: Healing and Writing into your Original Wholeness

  • Safety, truth, detail and listening
  • Creating Sacred Space for your Writing
  • Waking up your senses to strengthen your Writing
  • Making time for writing
  • Writing a prayer for your life

Week Two: Listening in order to Bring Forth What Matters Most

  • Keeping a process journal to track your progress
  • Walking and writing
  • Taking an image walk
  • A silent prayer walk
  • Pairs of opposites
  • Writing a prayer for your life

Week Three: Compassion: Transforming Suffering through Writing

  • Allowing vulnerability
  • Wholeness/holiness
  • Rest in prayer/the sacred
  • A source of unconditional love and kindness for you
  • Giving voice to the Divine

Week Four: Deepening Your Practice

  • Finding a consistent Time to Write
  • Deepening your Relationship with writing and prayer
  • Metaphor as a gateway into magic and mystery

Week Five: Facing Difficult Material

  • Writing to learn about yourself and heal, an ancient practice
  • Writing in the third person as a tool for writing about difficult material
  • Details, details, details, to strengthen your writing
  • Structure: Writing a Sestina, (a formal poem)

Week Six: Following the Flow of Your Writing

  • Learning to observe: more focus on the senses
  • Writing your emotions
  • More on Sacred writing practice, sacred space, sacred time
  • A gift from the ocean: finding/freeing your voice in monologue

Week Seven: Paying Attention to the Inner Realm and Dreams

  • Keeping a dream journal as a source for your writing
  • Trusting the leap between images
  • Play with the edges of not making sense
  • Writing a larger perspective on something that’s troubling you
  • Write from the voice of Divine Vision

Week 8: Assess Your Journey

  • What do you want for your writing?
  • If you had a gift to give the world through writing, what would it be?

You can do this course on your own, as an e-course. Or, you can do this course with weekly private sessions to discuss your writing and your process. Either way, you get a powerful structure to open the flow of your writing.