When You Need to Come Home To Your Soul…

3Ways to Work with Debora Seidman

Debora Seidman, playwright of The Lilac Minyan, is not only an award winning writer and poet, she’s also an inspired creative guide. For over twenty years she’s been leading body centered, spirit-based workshops that help her students source their creative expression in a deep connection with their own body, the earth, and the Sacred. Debora is passionate about creating a safe space for her students to breathe life into their most sacred stories. She is deeply inspired by her experience of seeing the power of writing change her student’s lives. Her students have found her approach to be deeply moving.

Working privately with Debora is a like having your own personal mystic guide to discovering the treasures of your creative soul. Debora’s gift and 9calling is to open the creative flow in you, so that you find your own mystic muse within. As a guide, she will facilitate a journey of creative awakening that’s guided by your own wisdom which you will access through your own writing practice.Debora is constantly amazed by the way writing itself provides the truest and most reliable map. Her role is to guide you to write your way to the gold within you, waiting to be discovered.

Debora has created a variety of individual and group programs that can be tailored to your specific writing needs. Several programs include a curriculum of exercises that Debora has structured and designed for particular stages on the creative journey.

If you’ve never worked with Debora before, or if it’s been a while, an initial complimentary 30 minute consultation will help to determine the best way for you to engage in your creative exploration with her. Once you’ve had this initial consultation, you can determine what offerings best meet your 7needs.

Private Programs

Private Sessions

Debora is available for private sessions by phone, SKYPE, or in-person. Private sessions are a great way to receive individualized attention on your specific writing challenges or if you would like 6more one-on-one attention from Debora on your specific writing project.

Here’s what you receive:
You will receive 65 minutes with Debora…….

Who are Private sessions for:
Writers and people longing to write, at all levels of experience and all genres.

Schedule: Contact Debora for scheduling.

Creative Vision Quest

For a truly extraordinary experience, schedule your own Creative Vision Quest with Debora…either in Taos, or virtually. This three day intensive is a great way to jump-start your journey. If you’ve been feeling stuck on your creative journey, or if you’re returning to a creative project after a long hiatus, the Creative Vision Quest may be just the thing to get your juices flowing again.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Gain new insight into your creative path. You’ll find your creativity renewed and refreshed.
  • Open up vast resources of creative energy you may have never known you had, or long ago lost contact with.
  • Hone in on what’s keeping you stuck, where you need to go next, and how you can uncover the most powerful parts of your creative self.
  • Leave with the beginnings of a map for your juicy next steps.
  • Deepen your creative vision, for any creative endeavor.

Who is the Creative Vision Quest for?

  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Writers
  • Visual
  • Artists
  • Weavers
  • Executive of Visionary Non-Profits
  • And You!

The Creative Vision Quest is open to artists and creatives of all genres. All you need is the willingness to work with/play with writing as the primary path for your Quest. The writing you do will give you insight and guidance into your creative journey, whatever form it takes.

Schedule: Creative Vision Quests must be scheduled on an individual basis with Debora.
… Longer Creative Vision Quests are available upon request.

Structured Private Programs

Debora has several programs developed which include a curriculum of exercises that are structured and designed for particular stages on the creative journey. At a certain point in your work with Debora, she may recommend one or both of these programs. Sometimes, a program is the best way to begin. Sometimes, a series of private sessions precedes one of these programs. The sequence usually becomes clear in our initial, complimentary consultation. Occasionally, a series of private sessions reveals the right order.

Listening To The Stories of Your Soul:

An eight week journey into the depth and riches of your inner realms. Every week you’ll receive guided writing exercises designed to open your creative flow. You’ll also receive guidance on creating and sustaining your own, sacred creative writing practice.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Eight weeks of exercises to guide your writing and your creative process.
  • Eight weeks of private 60 minute sessions with Debora
  • Debora’s response to up to 3 pages of your writing each week
  • Guidance to help you discover what are the practical structures most right for your creative expression to flourish (For example: looking at how you use your time, how you create a sacred space for writing, etc.)

Who is Listening to the Stories of Your Soul for?
This program is often appropriate for the writer who has finished her first book and finds herself stuck and unsure about what’s next. It can also be right for you if you’ve been away from your writing for a long time, for any number of reasons. Maybe you had to put your creativity aside while you raised your children. Maybe you had a long illness, or a long time tending to your spouse’s illness. Maybe you just got overwhelmed with the demands of life in the 21st century and lost your own way.

Listening To The Stories of Your Soul is designed to open your voice, re-connect you to the joy and magic of creative writing, and help you build a bridge from wherever you are to the fulfilling writing practice you yearn for.

Schedule: The schedule is designed to meet the demands of your life. If you prefer to do this weekly, we’ll arrange that. If it’s better for you to meet every other week, we’ll arrange this. I always strive to create a structure that truly supports your process, and takes into account what’s really going on in your life.

Writing Your Way Into Wholeness:

If you’re at a truly pivotal moment in your life, and ready to find a whole new foundation for your creative life, this program is for you. This 16 week program of guided exercises includes both writing exercises and Debora’s program of Radical Self Care, to help you create your own blueprint for a sustainable, sacred creative practice in your life.

This journey includes her groundbreaking, four part program which takes you on these steps:

  • Rest Until You Remember What You Love
  • Walking Barefoot On the Earth
  • Writing the Body Home
  • Writing the Prayer of Your Life

Who is Writing Your Way Into Wholeness for?
A truly mystical journey of transformation, this program is open to all serious seekers who long for their creative life to be well integrated into their whole life in a balanced and grounded way.

What you’ll receive:

  • 16 weeks of guided creative writing exercises
  • 16 weeks of Radical Self Care exercises
  • 16 weeks of 70 minute sessions with Debora
  • Debora’s Response to up to 3 pages of your writing per week

Schedule: Sessions generally occur weekly on a schedule of three sessions per month, to allow you both the focus and containment of consistent guidance, and breathing space for you to integrate and dream your way into the deepest transformation possible for you.

Payment arrangements may be made for all programs. Please Contact Debora for details.