In Shaky Times: You Are Holy Ground

In Shaky Times, You Are Holy Ground

When earthquakes shatter your foundation

You are holy ground

When nuclear war gets played with like a game

You are holy ground

When the wildfires come, and the hurricanes,

and you know that climate change is already here

You are holy ground

When fear arises and stops your breath

and you can’t take another step

You let it rise, and let it go

and know again

that you are Holy Ground


Over and over in these changing times

when an old paradigm is dying

You let the old paradigm die within you  as well

You call out the lie of your weakness,

your powerlessness, your shame

You step into the wider truth, the deeper truth

the ever present unchanging truth

of who you are and why you came


To be in service to the earth’s

Great time of change

You want to remember

and help others remember

and you know that fear cloaks

the light you are

the light you came to remember

to come back home

 so you walk

and every step you take

is planted on the earth

and you remember

the promise you made

right now when it feels impossible

is the time you remember

without a doubt

who you are

you are

holy ground

you are holy ground

You Are

Holy Ground


even now

with every breath you take



  1. This is beautiful Debora.
    You need to have a place here for people to share it.
    I want to take your words and share them (with your name and contact inf0) on my FaceBook page.
    Thank you for the reminder.
    You are what the planet needs at this time.

    • thanks Junie/ this is going to be published in elephant journal…i don’t know when, but that would be the best time to share it…so I can get lots of views! thanks dear friend love you much

      don’t know what you mean i should have a place here for people to share it