There Is Still Time

There is Still Time


Everything that once held you back

Is asking now to be blessed

And loved

Loved and Blessed

Re-instated into your universe

Not as a force to keep you stuck

But as the energy of love, now


Is all that this unfinished work is asking of you


This is the hidden secret behind writing the prayer of your life:

Whatever kept you silent, stuck, afraid

Is a holy place.

Love it, as you feel it now,

And you will be freed.

Because this is part of

Why you are here on earth.

To do the work of repair.

It is not an accident

Or a failure

Or a sign that you will never know success,

when you encounter broken places in your life,

when you end another year and still have not finished your book.


When you face messes, now, or in the past,

that perhaps you had a hand in making

Know this:

It is simply what you came here for:

to face them, as broken shards of a shattered world

Yours—and the big World’s


Broken shards are everywhere, because God dropped the world

As soon as God created the world.


Was it an accident—or on purpose?

Let’s say it was part of the plan and now, you feel your grief,

over what has been seemingly lost—the lost opportunities,  the failure, addiction,

self-sabotage, the writing not done, the beginnings you have not yet brought to completion

sure, cry your tears in the days before the year ends

…but don’t get stuck in the grief.

Don’t be too loyal to it, as the final truth.

Pick up your grief, and kiss it, and then:

Invite it to the party…the party of your life, now.

The blessing of your wholeness, which has room for every broken shard you find.


Yes, find them all.  Love them all.

And don’t forget this: the hidden light.

This is the secret of Kabbalistic wisdom: the mystery.

When you search in the darkest place, for example–

the depth of your own grief and despair over what you’ve lost,

what you haven’t yet been able to do, what you can’t control in the lives of those you love and in the world—you find

The Hidden Light

This light is said to have magic power, special power.

It is the mystery, the gem, the treasure.

When you excavate deep enough into your own despair—

you unleash the greatest power of all: the Hidden Light.


When you find this Hidden Light, you can use it to not only repair what was broken, but to make something new, from everything you thought was destroyed, in your life and in your world.


But to start, just use it to keep going, to not give up on yourself.

Take that light and shine it upon all your fears and doubts that say:  it’s too late, I’m too old, I missed my chance, I’ll never do it.

Talk back to those voices and say


I don’t believe you

It’s for this that I have survived so much pain, lived through so much trauma and loss,

To finally rescue the part of me that wanted to speak—all those years ago, and became silent.  Because her voice wasn’t wanted.  Or was ridiculed, or shamed.



Yes, it’s been a long journey.
Yes, I’m older and wiser and have lived more years than I ever thought I would to get here

But here I am.

Free at last

Free at last

Thank god almighty I am free at last

And that’s the truth

Love the lost years, the stuck places, and bless them too, know that they, too, are

god’s hand working in your life, in ways you can’t completely understand


You’re ready

It’s time

You know enough already  Love enough Are enough Right now

Cry your tears and plant them in the earth

Let your tears water the seeds of joy

Let those seeds sprout and grow into a tree that is

The full flourishing

Of your gifts

Your voice

Your vision to give to the world

Offer it as a prayer

To another hungry soul, looking for the nourishment of truth

Spoken freely

And offer it as a prayer to your

Own younger self

Because no one was there

When she was small and afraid

And had so much to say

And wanted to write

More than anything

Offer it as a prayer

To her

And it will be enough





  1. I love this Debora. It gives me so much courage and inspiration. Thank you for writing this.
    Happy New Year.. much blessings and health.