Radical Self Care in Times of Crisis

Radical Self Care in Time of Crisis Rest Until You Remember What You Love In the past 24 hours, have you been able to find an oasis of calm within yourself? Have you been able to release or transmute the stress and anxiety around the corona virus, and all the changes in your world, enough to really breathe? Have you been able to laugh? Have you been able to remember God? One of my core practices is Rest Until You Remember What You Love. I offer this in hopes it will be of help to you as you navigate these days of uncertainty. Rest—from the news, from the worry, the panic, the “what if” long enough to remember what you love. To remember that you are Love. To remember that you are Loved. Don’t ignore the news, the virus, the precautions, but don’t ignore your heart, either. Don’t forget that your heart is the wisest source of guidance you can find. And when you don’t know what to do, or where to turn, you can, always, turn inward toward your heart, to soothe her, to hear her, to pay attention to her needs, her connection to your soul. Has your soul gone into panic, or has your panic left you disconnected from your soul? Together your heart, your wisdom, and your soul, will be able to direct you, one choice at a time, one minute at a time, one breath at a time, to what action is in the highest good for you to choose. Your heart contains your wisdom, but sometimes your heart needs to be soothed in order for the wisdom center to open. So begin by simply tuning into your heart, resting your hands on your heart, and listen. What is she saying, your heart? Let your heart have a voice, without judgment. Simply listen. Take five minutes to come to the page and ask yourself, what do I need to rest from? Then, ask, what form of self care will soothe me at this time? What can I do that will bring healing to my body, my heart, and to the scared little child within me? Can your notebook be a resting place? A place to acknowledge and face your fears, and also a place to ask for and receive guidance? Here is a simple tool, when it’s hard for you to listen and know your truth or your next step: Pick up your pen with your “other hand” the one you don’t normally write with (i.e. your left hand if you’re right-handed) Ask your “other hand” to tell you what you need to know in this moment. Listen to and honor what you hear. Now may be a time to take small steps, make decision for this week, this day, this hour. Come into the present moment by listening to your heart, giving her a voice, and asking your inner wisdom what you need, by writing out your questions and your answers. Writing can help you find your guidance, your comfort, your next best steps. … [Read more...]