What Does It Take To Complete A Book? Key # 1: Devotion

What does it take to complete a book?

While writing a book is a complex, multi-layered project, I’ve found three keys to be essential for myself and my students: Devotion, Focus and Discipline.

Today’s newsletter will discuss devotion. Next week, focus. The following week, discipline. I hope you’ll find these keys useful!

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So, let’s talk about devotion, and how it can help you finish your book (or any writing project!)

A book is a long term project. Even if you have the luxury of an all expense paid sabbatical year, you still need to find the dedication every day to turn away from the many other things that demand your attention, and turn toward your desk. Life is full of endless tasks, on top of whatever you do to earn your living. Cleaning your house, organizing your food for the week, taking care of your body, your family, your animals, your spiritual practice…all those things can easily take all the time you have.

Yet, you have this project. And probably, you don’t have an all expense paid sabbatical year, but a very full life in which you also feel this calling to write. You know that it’s time to finish this project that’s been with you for a long time. You want to get your book done!

So how do you make that happen?

Devotion is the first key. Your devotion is found in the part of you that knows why you’re called to write your book. It may or may not make sense to your rational mind. You may have days when you’re on fire with inspiration, and days when you’d rather watch movies and eat popcorn and sit on the couch. Your mood and your energy will ebb and flow.

The constant that keeps you going, that keeps you choosing your desk, no matter what your mood or energy is on a particular day, is your devotion. The devotion comes from a knowing, inside you, that this book is what you’re here to do. It’s a key part of your soul’s sacred purpose for being alive.

Devotion is a sacred word. And to find the energy that will sustain you through the long haul of completing a book, you need to draw upon the highest reasons—you need to find the sacred nature of your calling to write.

Your devotion for your book comes directly from Source. It’s bigger than your fears and your doubts.  It’s about the big reason you were put here on this earth. Your devotion to your book is rooted in your soul’s blueprint for fulfilling your highest destiny. When you make it a practice to connect with that devotion on a daily basis, you’ll start to get some momentum with your writing.

Try it this week:  Consider your book, or a writing project that’s important to you. Give yourself a period of quiet meditation to still your mind and allow you to open your heart to the deepest reason you’re called to do this work. See if there’s an element of devotion in this calling.

Do you feel a sacred call at the center of your reason for writing? If so, write it down, so you can name it, for yourself.

Then, take some time to write a prayer, in your own words, about the importance of this project. When you write your prayer, talk directly to Spirit…whatever that is for you, and whatever language you use. Write about why it’s so important to you, and why it feels sacred to you. Write about any concerns you have that you’d like Spirit’s help with.

Then, see if Spirit would like to write back to you, and write that, as well.

Give yourself the time and space to see what unfolds. I’d love to hear what happens, if you do this practice!

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Send an email with a brief description of your project and we’ll find a time to talk.

Blessings on all the songs and stories of your soul,