Debora takes the fear out of writing

“Debora is a mentor, guide and teacher for those of us who yearn to write. She takes the fear out of writing and your hesitation to believe you have something to say. Writing can be a lonely path, but not when you have someone like Debora to support you on your journey.” --Carol Chambers … [Read more...]

Debora’ work travels you deep into the caverns of your soul’s calling

Debora' work travels you deep into the caverns of your soul's calling. The voice of your heart speaks to you as she gently guides you to find your most spiritual creative destiny. She helps you to create the space, time and inquiry so your words come from the deepest well of your soul. Her prompts, and the way she encourages you to account to your message as a writer is steadfast. The Amherst Writers and Artists Method, ( combined with Debora’s understanding of healing and writing as a partnership surpasses any group I have been in. If you can stay open and steady, you’ll find your way through to write your finest work. What is unique is the way Debora holds the energy for the creative process to emerge, the story to birth, the guidance to be felt and heard. She gets out of the way, but is very much midwifing the hidden poetry, novel, story that is waiting for you to channel through you. Her intention is for you, the writer, to find your truest meaning in your writing. She is deeply committed to you as a writer and individual, never judges and always tells her truth and supports the writer's truth. Marta J. Luzim, MS, Psychospiritual therapist, Founder and President of Primal Healing and Art and Give Her A Voice, Inc. Books and Plays: Breathing Under Water, Vows of Love, Little Book of Consciousness, Conscious Companion, Heart of a Woman, Book of Generations: The Calling - Out of Her Mind . Productions: Primal Urgency, The Telling … [Read more...]

Writing the Prayer of Your Life is my cure

As a singer/songwriter I invest a lot of time and energy into my craft, sometimes more than I have to give. Burn out is my number one problem, and Writing the Prayer of Your Life is my cure. The service Debora offers isn't offered in school classrooms or university lecture halls. You will learn more about yourself, and the art of writing, during a single session with her than you have in all your years of studying. Her method cuts through all the entrenched thought forms and doctrines that govern conventional writing by going straight to the source- the divine. ---Tony Bernardo, Singer and Songwriter … [Read more...]

Your gentle inviting way makes facing the difficulties and challenges of life doable

I am being invited to become open to myself and to God in a more direct way than I’ve ever experienced. Your gentle inviting way makes facing the difficulties and challenges of life doable…. Linda F. Piotrowski, MTS, BCC. Located: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Lebanon, New Hampshire Profession: Pastoral Care Coordinator/Chaplain Palliative Care and Oncology … [Read more...]

This, I promise you, is a priceless gift to any writer

One of the most powerful aspects of “Writing the Prayer of Your Life” is the unique space that Debora creates. It is a space where the deepest part of one’s self is called to be – the space that calls for my voice to speak out loud in ways I never knew it could. Debora’s own voice is a gifted instrument in this creating. Her speaking voice is an expression of what I would describe as “sacred generosity”. In this sacred space which she creates, both through her spoken voice and her written voice, anything can be said, explored and discovered. The very space calls for authentic expression and the safety to do so. This, I promise you, is a priceless gift to any writer. - Elaine Forney, Seattle Washington … [Read more...]