The Risk To Write

The decision to turn toward your writing, and to keep goingagain and again

—to finish what you start

—to honor the writing you do

—to listen to what’s really asking to be said

is an act of tremendous courage.

Writing takes heart and it takes guts.

It asks you to show up—over and over—when you feel like doing anything but that.

The rewards, though, when you do show up, are beyond measure.

Writing is not stingy.

When you honor writing, writing honors you.

Your whole sense of who you are expands.

You become bigger than you thought you were.

You remember who you really are, who you’ve always been.

You come home.

But that doesn’t mean the fears ever go away.

In fact, the more you keep writing, keep taking the risk to show up and do your work, the more you start to learn that fear is going to be your companion.

Steven Pressfield writes,

     “Are you paralyzed with fear?  That’s a good sign.  Fear is good.  Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator.  Fear tells us what we have to do.  Remember one rule of thumb:  the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”

So if fear doesn’t go away, and if it’s a good sign, how do you not become so paralyzed by it that you stop altogether?

You learn to have an adult relationship with that fear.

You recognize that you are no longer that child who felt so unsafe the only way she could survive was to go silent.

You open your arms and your heart to that child you once were, who is still afraid to have a voice.  You tell her you want to hear what she needs to say.

You restore the holy ground of your creative self, and when you do that, all the broken, cut off, lost and forsaken parts of yourself start to calm down.  And you get to have a relationship with them that you’ve never had before.

It all starts with you recognizing that You Are Holy Ground.

All of you.  The part that wants to write and the part that’s terrified and only wants to do whatever it takes to be safe.

All of you gets to be heard.

That’s what my journey has been.  I’ve had to learn to love the part of me that was so scared she never believed it would be safe to write, even though writing was all she wanted to do.

And that’s the reason I teach the way I do.

Over several decades, I’ve seen the most gifted, intelligent women I’ve ever encountered profoundly doubt the value of their work.

In the course of our work together, they were able to learn that their self-doubt was a call to heal.  As they healed, they freed up energy for writing.

My Soul Writing Journeys are an opportunity to dive deep into the source of creativity, and find where it lives within you.  The women who take that dive transform their writing and they also transform their lives.

Like Yeugenia, who worked closely with me for an extended period of time, and then found:

“I finally felt the courage to share what I feel needs to be shared:  My story, my life, my experience, my thoughts….I have more confidence in my ability to write.”

Or Lisa, who dreamed of writing a novel for teenage girls:

“What I’ve received from this experience is so much, it’s hard to put into words.  I’ve received practical advice on writing, including everything from how to format documents to how to tell a story….

     I’ve received love and support…and most importantly, I’ve received trust with myself in my own voice, my own power of the written words, my own vision of my story, that it is important to tell, and tell in this way, at this time.”

She’s on the verge of completing her manuscript for Book One of what she now knows is a trilogy, and has a plan for the next two books.

She’s also been reading excerpts along the way to a group of teenage girls who love what she’s writing!  She’s already growing her fan base!!

Is it time for you to build a new relationship with your writing so you can finally do the writing you came here to do?

Time for you to finish your book?  Or start it again, this time for real?  Time for you to slow down enough to write the poems you hear in your head?

Starting next week I’ll be announcing new group programs to jump start your writing.

Right now,  I still have one space available in my  private mentorship program.  Because sometimes you need someone right there with you, holding your hand, while you take the steps you need to take to transform your life at the deepest level.

These three months will be dedicated to helping you Restore the Holy Ground of Your Creative Self so you Finally Do the Writing You Came Here To Do.  You’ll dive deep into the foundation of your writing life, so that you truly know that your desire to write is a sacred calling from your soul.

You’ll develop your own powerful program of Radical Self Care so you have the resources and energy you need to get your writing done.  And you’ll get laser focused on the work you need to do now.


Adrienne Rich wrote, in her poem  Transcendental Etude,


But there come times—perhaps this is one of them—

     when we have to take ourselves more seriously or die,


If it’s your time to take your writing more seriously, and you feel you need a level of support you’ve perhaps never had, in order to get it done, let’s have a conversation.


None of us can do it alone. If you’ve been silenced, but know it’s time to free your voice,  it just might be time to Restore the Holy Ground of Your Creative Self, so you can Finally Do the Writing You Came To Do.


    Please reply to this email to let me know you’re ready, and we’ll schedule a conversation to see how I can best support you to take your writing where you want it to go.

     I look forward to hearing from you!