“One Day You Finally Knew What You Had To Do, And Began…”

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, Thus opens Mary Oliver’s poem,  “The Journey.”  I’ll print the whole poem below. I wanted to start though, with just these lines, and an invitation to you to read her poem as if it’s a call to your soul today. I imagine you’ve […]

Creative Expression Is Your Birthright

Creative Expression Is Your Birthright Today’s message is brief.  A quick burst of inspiration, to remind you of one key thing that can fire up your writing life this week. Creative expression is your birthright. Yes. You were born to be creative. You are an aspect of a Creative Universe.  You were created from life […]

Your Voice Matters

Your voice is a sacred gift of your humanity.  In these times, when so much is at stake, it’s your connection with your humanity that will give you the motivation, inspiration, and vision to bring forth your greatest self. When you lose this basic connection to your humanity, you lose hope.  You feel lost, disconnected […]

What Would You Tell the Earth?

This  is the second week of Women’s Voices Rising, and the breakthroughs are continuing. One of the exercises we did on Tuesday night was to write directly to the Earth.  That writing session allowed one of the women on the call to remember her deepest mission.  After her writing and sharing, she not only remembered […]