What Does It Take To Finally Finish Your Book?

I’ve been deeply immersed in the work of bringing my book to completion, and loving the process!  After working through some major fears—yes, let’s call them terrors—I had a huge breakthrough, and the work is flowing.

I anticipate the manuscript being complete by the end of this year.  It’s deeply satisfying to feel the truth of that statement.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I would not be here without the decision I made to make a commitment to complete this book. And then, to do whatever it takes, for that to happen.

I needed to create powerful support to transform my fears.  And I did it!  I’m no longer paralyzed by my terror.  I’m no longer up at night wondering if I can do this.  In fact, I can’t wait to get to work on my book most days.

I also needed to get input on the manuscript itself.  I could not have written this book without skillful editing and manuscript consultation along the way.

What I’m most aware of, though, was that when I made the decision that scared me the most– I signed a contract with a publisher—I also catalyzed my own process so that my success became inevitable.

The day I signed that contract, my biggest fears came up.   But because I’d made the commitment, I did whatever it took to move through those fears.

Yes, I got stuck in the writing process.  But because I’d made the commitment to completion, I did whatever it took to keep moving forward on the book.

I did all this by applying the lessons I’ve been teaching for years.   Honoring my fears and seeing them as a portal of love.  And, respecting the fact that I could not do this without support.

Perhaps most important, though, has been keeping the focus on my sacred intention for this book.

Years ago, when I began to teach  Writing the Prayer of Your Life, I began a process of seeing writing AS prayer, as well as learning to write prayers in my own words, and teaching others to write their own prayers.

As I developed this work through teaching it, I also developed a process for bringing our writing into the world: Offering Your Work as a Prayer.

All of these processes became touchstones for me, in my own process.  When I became almost paralyzed by my fears, I deepened my practice of prayer.

When I became so stuck that I didn’t know what to do, I deepened my practice of prayer.

All along the way, I’ve been guided.

This guidance had led me to respect more than ever that my work is to help people transform their own writing practice by seeing it as sacred work.

By seeing it as prayer.

As all this has emerged, my book itself has returned to the original title, the original premise, which is Writing the Prayer of Your Life.

And I’m very excited to be developing a program to offer this fall as a companion to the book.

The program will be designed to help you complete your own sacred writing project.

When you combine a powerful spiritual practice with a fierce commitment to completion, you become unstoppable.

If you have a Sacred Writing Project that you’d like to complete in the next year, I’d love to hear from you.  If you’re willing to talk with me, your input will help me learn how to make this program highly valuable.  Contact me by replying to this email or DeboraSei@gmail.com and we’ll find a time to talk.

I’ll be offering a free course in October, to share these gifts, so look for details about that next month.

Thanks to everyone who has been offering such an outpouring of love and support for me as I’ve dedicated myself to this book.  It’s made a real difference, and has meant a great deal to me.

I look forward to sharing the book with you when it’s ready.  And I can’t wait to share my free course and exciting new program with you this fall!

Blessings on all the songs and stories of your soul,