What Matters Now? You are Holy Ground.

The ground is shifting.

What matters now?

You are holy ground.

The ground just shifted again.

Primal fears of survival, of facing the unknown are epidemic now, along with the virus. We all are stepping through this together, in our own homes, hunkered down, sheltering in place.

Is your home a shelter?

Is there a place for you to shelter yourself, and your loved ones, from the fear, while you face the necessity of re-arranging your life? Making sure you have what you need to stay a home, and still eat well, take care of your body, not collapse under the weight of the pressures we are facing?

Miracles are rising up, as other structures are falling.

Miracles are always possible, if you shift into a place of allowing them…

How is that shift possible, in a time of so much crisis?

When the world falls apart, is it possible that another world is being born?

If so, what is your part, in assisting that birth?

Can you be a midwife of transformation now?

Can you accept that it might mean taking very small steps? Going very very slowly?

Taking the time to pause, each time you lift your foot from the ground and breathe, before you put it down again….

And can you say, in that moment, “I am holy ground.”

You are holy ground right now, as you read this.

And at three a.m. when the panic hits, and you worry about what’s to come.

You are holy ground.

What matters now?

It’s one of my favorite writing prompts, and I offer it to you now, to guide you through the day to day not knowing.

When you face a moment of overwhelm, when the stress feels like too much, when the uncertainty is paralyzing….what matters now?

Maybe it’s taking a nap. Maybe it’s meditating. Maybe it’s going outside for a walk, if you’re able to do so.

Maybe it’s sitting down at the page, to hear what guidance comes through your pen.

What matters now?

The next moment, the next breath, is all you have to consider.

One moment to the next is how you get through.

The ground is shifting.

You are holy ground. It helps me to remember.

Does it help you?

You are holy ground. You are miraculous. Still alive, still breathing, able to look at the sky perhaps…or at the neighborhood you see outside your window…you are holy ground.

What happens when you walk five or ten minutes, outside or inside, and each time you take a step, you reach into the heart of the earth, and say out loud, or in a whisper… “I am holy ground.”

I believe your guidance will speak to you, if you do that.

I believe your guidance will speak to you, if you ask, “What matters now?”

I believe that when nothing is obvious, nothing makes sense, nothing is certain, your inner wisdom still exists. You have a direct line to the wisdom of your soul, when you ask, when you write.

What matters now, is a tool I want to offer you now.

You are holy ground, is another one.

Those two phrases, as writing prompts, as mantras to repeat to yourself out loud, or under your breath, can help you listen, and we all need to listen now, very carefully, for our right next step.

It may not seem possible, with orders coming from the government to shut things down, to stay at home, to close the doors to the world…

But especially now, when so much seems to be out of our control, it is imperative, that we listen closely, for our next step, within our own boundaries, within our own inner world.

We are all one. That is clearer than ever now.

We are all one.

Yet we exist also as individuals within our own skin.

What can you do to find a sanctuary inside yourself through these days of shifting sands, to come home to your soul….yes even now?

What matters now, might help you.

Write it. Say it. Say it or write it as a question…What matters now?

Then listen to the response that emerges.

“ I am holy ground.”

Say it. Write it. Take a walk while you remember it.

And then tune in to how you feel, what you know, who you are.

You are inviolable.

You are a soul.

You are whole.