Why Write a Prayer For Your Life on Earth?

We live in epic times.

Politicians tell us:  democracy is at stake.

Climate activists tell us:  there’s a war on Mother Earth.

Mass shootings tell us:  violence is on a rampage.


And yet:  I urge you to write.

I implore, beg, beseech, encourage,

Invite you to write.




Because life is at stake.  And writing is a stand for life.

When you write, you connect more fully with the life force in you.

Something shifts and your energy starts flowing again.

When one of us is back in the flow of life, it makes it easier for someone else.

When you need a boost, the energy you liberated will return to you.


I invite you today to not simply write—but to write a prayer.

To write as prayer.

The life force itself is sacred.  It’s also inherently creative.

The Creator gave you life.

Part of what you were given is a call to write.


The call comes from your soul.

And it’s both call and response

In one gesture.

To write is to bear witness to your own truth.

In so doing you claim your voice.

As you claim your voice

you unfurl one tiny strand inside you

which has been sealed closed

and is now ready to open

and flow with the stream of life

moving in your body.


In this way writing and healing

are one undivided gesture.


And because you do so in communion with

The Creator—with Source—

with the Divine


you’re reminded that the flow

within you is Sacred.


Here’s a practice for you to write a prayer for your life today:

Stand (if you can.)


Bring your awareness to your feet.  Reach down with your imagination to the earth below you.  Connect deeply with the presence of a living earth under your feet.


Receive that energy into your feet, legs, torso, shoulder, head. Fill your whole body with the life force of the Earth.

Feel that life force inside you.  Know it is the truth of who you are.

Bring your hands together in front of your chest in prayer position.  Feel the pressure between your palms, put your attention there.

While you’re still standing in prayer position, take this phrase and say it silently to your self:

Today, I write a prayer to honor my life and all life on earth.

Say it a few times.  Today, I write a prayer to honor my life and all life on earth.

As you repeat the phrase, notice any words or images that come to you. Receive these as gifts from your intuition.  Choose one and let it be the beginning of your writing.  Find your notebook, and start to write.  Trust what comes, and let the words pour out onto your page.


After you write:  read it out loud.  Post it on the blog.  Read it again, to yourself.

Live it as your prayer today.

Honor your life, as a prayer.

Honor your life as a prayer for all life on earth.


Thank you for taking the time to write and to value creativity.

Are you longing for more writing in your life?  Making your writing a sacred practice is a powerful way to bring writing into your daily life.  If you have a copy of my Writing the Prayer of Your Life workbook, you’ll find guidance in how to do that.  If you don’t have a copy, let me know and I’ll send it to you.