Writer’s Block—A Sacred Wound?

Over the past few months I’ve been sharing with you bits and pieces of my journey as I’ve made the commitment to complete a book that’s been in process for many years.

I’ve shared the importance of making that decision—to commit to the book’s completion—and all the fears I’ve had to face, along the way.

As I’ve gone deeper in my own process of facing and transforming my own fears, I’ve come to see that the wounds that get in the way of writing are Sacred Wounds. What do I mean by that?

A wound is a Sacred Wound when it’s fundamental. The wound is part of what’s shaped you to be who you are in this life.
It’s Sacred because if the wound stays unhealed, your own life will be compromised in a significant way.
But if you transform the wound, you get wings to fly.

For me and almost all of the women I’ve worked with over the years, fears around writing are Sacred wounds.
Maybe those fears show up as procrastination. Or starting and stopping. Or not finishing what you begin.
Maybe it’s a long standing “I really want to write…I know I’ve got something to say, but I never get to the page.”

It could be easy to ignore the call to write. Easy to feel it doesn’t matter that much, if you don’t write.

I’m here to remind you, it matters a lot. It matters that you write, if you want to write. And it also matters that you pay attention to what stops you.

If you let both those things matter, as much as they really do matter to your soul, your life will transform in ways you can barely imagine.

For me, not being able to complete what I start is a big part of how my wound has shown up. I write and write and write…but have gotten stuck when it comes to doing the work to bring the writing out into the world.
Right now, as I’m doing that work, I’ve needed to heal my deep fears of being seen, and one of my oldest beliefs: that the only way to be safe is to be silent.
Getting to the root of these fears and beliefs has been transforming me on the deepest, cellular level.

I’m grateful that I’ve made this commitment to the book, even as I’m humbled by the depth of the inner work I’ve had to do.
And, as I move through this work, I’m beginning to feel the energy that gets released, as I transmute the deepest layers of what’s been frozen in fear.

What am I finding?

So much love.
So much peace.
A fierce commitment to my own life, as well as to my writing.

This process is changing me in ways I’m only beginning to be able to articulate.

But one thing is crystal clear: the depth and intensity of the crucible I’ve been in has strengthened my desire to help you.
Out of that desire, I’m offering a special opportunity to work with me in a very in- depth way.

If you feel stuck in any way in your own writing life, and you feel ready to transform, I invite you to have a conversation with me.
Because it’s not just the writing that gets lost when you don’t write.
It’s you.
The fullness that you came here to be.

If you don’t write, the world will never have the writing you came to do.
But what’s even more important, is that you will never have your full self.

You are a treasure beyond measure. If writing is part of what calls you, writing is part of what you came here to do.

The consequences of you not fulfilling your writing dreams are not trivial. They are essential to you having the life you long to live. I’ve come to feel that they’re essential to your health and your vitality as well, because your voice is such a unique expression of your soul.

Right now, I have an opening for one dedicated person. To work very closely with me, to bring a project to completion.

If you feel that what’s held you back is mostly the inner stuff: I want to help you transform your vision of your self, while you bring your writing vision into the world.

Because I’m very focused on my book now, I only have room for one person. I will be screening that person very carefully, to determine her level of commitment to this transformational opportunity.
Three things are essential:

You have a clear project that you’re committed to completing in the next year.
You suspect that what’s held you back is Your Sacred Wound.
You’re dedicated to heal, transmute and transform that wound.

If you feel that what I’m writing about speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. Whether or not it’s time for you to invest in this kind of work, I’m dedicated to strengthening you on your own writing journey. It matters to me that what I’m saying touches you, and I love hearing how (leave a comment below).

And, if you feel called to work with me in this in depth way, let me know by contacting me.

This opportunity is not right for everyone. You need to be ready to invest time, energy and money to this transformation. If you’re ready, I’m ready! I can’t wait to hear from you.