How Does Writing Help You Come Home To Yourself?

How Does Writing Help You Come Home?

When you’re not sure

how you are

where you are


or where to go next—

You can come to the page

solely for the purpose

of calling your own name.


Dear One,


Sweet Child of Life Itself—

Have you forgotten

that your home is inside you?


You might start like that.

A simple call

Then wait for the response—

Wait till you hear your Self

call back.


And why is it so important

to come home?

To be able to call your self

back home,

in this way, with your own hand,

on your own page?


Because so many forces

will pull you away

from yourself

from your center

from the core

where you know

the name of

your own truth.


And if you lose

your own center

you lose touch

with what you know.


But when you start there

Return there

Live there—

You are free.


It’s a moment by moment


to come to the page

to call your own name

to see what’s stirring

in the center of your own life.


When you live there

In the center

All things are possible

A thousand languages

for magic

will take your hand.


All you need is one.

The one language

that dwells inside you.


The one you write

Because only you

can speak those words


And when you find them

and write them

You’re connected

to every person

in the world

who has a voice.


The more you call yourself home

the more at home you are

in the world.


You strengthen

every utterance

and turn it into a prayer.


A sacred call

for every soul

to come home.


A sacred call

to your own soul

to come home.


This is what can happen

When you sit down

Pen in hand

And call your own name.


It’s never too late

you’re never too far gone


The part of you that knows

always knows

how to come home


Let your writing

be the key

to open the door


Try it today, this week:

sit down with your pen,

write a letter to your own soul,

ask any question you have

listen deeply

to the response.