What Writing the Prayer Means to Me

The practice of writing as a form of prayer is equally a practice of prayer as a form of writing. Each act nourishes the other when melded into one. In the process, my writing has deepened into the heart of what matters in my life.

There is something about the prayer aspect in all of this which has opened my writing to an uninhibited communication between my soul and God. Often it feels like a one-way conversation, until I read back what I wrote and am surprised by the clarity that echoes back, sometimes as an answer, other times as a question that contains the answer, or as a call to look deeper. But always, there is a two-way expression of love between the writing and the prayer.

Writing as prayer allows me a safe place for honoring the sacred in all life, and for caring for the earth as my home. It’s a place where I can experience the fruits of sorrow and joy, learn humility, tolerance and forgiveness, and practice gratitude and charity. It’s through the faithful practice of writing as prayer that the Divine shines through as a gift of grace in the words that flow onto the page.

Cynthia Sidrane,
Phoenix, Arizona

Cynthia writes for the blogs: Canyon Stones, Canyonwren’s Rambles, and Prayer Feathers http://canyonstones.blogspot.com, http://prayerfeathers.blogspot.com, http://canyonwrensrambles.blogspot.com and has been published in the anthologies: Pay Attention: A River of Stones, compiled by Fiona Robyn and Kaspa Thompson.