Writing the Prayer of Your Life February Challenge

New Plan For Upcoming Workshops


Dear Friend,


Last week I announced a number of workshops to be starting by the end of January.  Then, I got pretty sick, again.


As has been happening, the sickness was in part a course correction.  Now, I am feeling better and have a new plan to announce for workshops!


I am going to start with a 21 day Writing the Prayer of Your Life mini-intensive in early February.  I have been hearing from many others who have also been sick, and also that there has been a lot of re-grouping and course correcting going on among many of us sensitive, creative souls.


When I listen in, this is what I hear:


It’s a time to re-connect with the stirrings inside that you…something within is longing for you to listen to it.


It’s a time to re-find your true north.


It’s a time to re-dedicate to Radical Self Care for all levels of your body, mind, soul and spirit.


It’s a time to renew your love of writing, for the clarity, sanity and power that are yours when writing is part of your life.


All those things are what’s possible with Writing the Prayer of Your Life.


It’s also time to gather in community, of like minded kindred spirits, and to know that your voice is a prayer for the world.


It’s a time to both be in support of the Earth, and be supported by the Earth.


Writing the Prayer of Your Life will be about your own life, and it will also be a time to write prayers in support of the Earth.  And, in doing so, you will receive the deep support of the Earth Guardians, who have a special love for the human souls who know what’s at stake on the earth now.


Here is a quote that my friend Hannah has shared with me:  It speaks to the truth of what Writing the Prayer of Your Life can offer you:


St. Augustine…

“Our whole business in life is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen.”


When I bring together writing and prayer, it’s a call to restore your life to health in this way.  When you see the hand of God calling you, as you write, your writing becomes part of the way you pray.


I will be announcing new details, or the new upcoming 21 day Writing the Prayer of Your Life mini-intensive very soon.


If you are interested in the Sanctuary for Your Memoir, please let me know!  I am gathering a small group of memoir writers to begin soon.


Meanwhile…take a few minutes today to turn toward Spirit, whatever that means for you.


Winter is a time for slowing down, going within, and finding stillness.


If you allow yourself to be in synch with the season, then your life unfolds with the grace of nature.


I look forward to writing with you very soon, if that’s in your soul’s path.


And I know that your own writing is looking forward to hearing from you, whenever you can turn your attention there.



  1. Georgine Wonnacott says

    I would love to be part of this group, is some of it on-line or is it geographically based in Victoria? Georgine