Your Creativity Matters: What if you had a Sanctuary to Support It?




Your Creativity Matters!   Come to the Sanctuary to Support It!


What’s the Sanctuary?


The  Sanctuary:  Accountability and Coaching for Writers is my newest offering to support your writing.  It’s a place to come, twice a month, to support you in moving your writing projects forward.


It began as a special bonus in my Blogging Your Vision Into the World program.  I created The Sanctuary to help participants

  • get clear on their intentions and action steps for each week.
  • And, I provided laser coaching for people to get help with problems, challenges and obstacles that came up along the way.


The results have been inspiring!  People are finding it  makes a real difference in their ability to get things done in the program—and I have loved doing it so much, that I decided to offer it to anyone in my community who has a writing project they’re working on.


From blogs to books, poetry to plays, The Sanctuary exists to support your writing, and you, as the writer.


All of us benefit from structures that help us show up and stay accountable to our intentions.  For writers, especially, it often seems that the writing we most want to do ends up at the bottom of our lists.  And by the time we get there, if we even get there, we’re too tired to even think about it.


I wanted to create a structure to help alleviate that problem.


Here’s how the Sanctuary can help:


  • The power of Community.  You get to show up and be part of an amazing group of like minded writers.  Spiritual, sensitive, creative souls whose writing is part of their sacred calling on this earth, like it is for you.  You’ll be inspired by other writers while you receive the support you most need!



  • The power of the group to support your Intention .  Did you know that studies have shown that when a group gathers to support each other’s intentions, participants are six times more likely to achieve their desired results?  Just by showing up, you step into a powerful field of support that can make a tangible difference in your ability to follow through on your intention, and move forward on your writing project.



  • The power of Coaching!  Let’s face it, we all get stuck occasionally.  Challenges come up in the writing process.  Or, challenges come up in your life that divert you from your project.  That’s why a key component of The Sanctuary is laser coaching, from me.  You have the opportunity to be coached  on your most burning issues.  If you’re like most creative souls, a little support can go a long way to helping you get unstuck!


As we enter the dark of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere)  and the holiday season, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by stress and obligations, at a time when your body often needs more rest and down time.  For those reasons, I decided it would be a perfect time to offer you a chance to experience The Sanctuary for free, as my gift to you. 


You can come to one or all of the next three meetings of The Sanctuary:


Wednesday, November 18 @ 1 pm Eastern Time.

Wednesday, December 2 @  1 pm Eastern Time.

Wednesday, December 16 @ 2 pm Eastern Time.


There’s no cost to attend, but you do need to register in order to receive the phone number to call.


Here’s the link to register.


I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to receive some incredible support for your writing!


Do you have a friend who might love to come to The Sanctuary?  Please invite her to register as well!  The more of us who come together, the more powerful is the community we create.


Could you use a little reminder of why your creativity—and your writing—matters?  Here’s a little excerpt from my book to inspire you!


Why does your creativity matter?

In a world where the ice caps are melting, your kids are sick and your list of things to get done is already way too long, why should you sit down to write?

When you’ve got laundry to do, bills to pay, students’ papers to grade, and you’re still cleaning the basement from the flooding last year’s Superstorm brought…why am I encouraging you to take five minutes for you, first?

Because not doing this, not connecting yourself with the core of who you are, through some means of creative expression, is part of the problem.

When you sit down for a few minutes and write, in a way that expresses the truth of your soul, you start to come home.

When you start your day and orient your life from this home, you remember who you are.

When you remember who you are, you become aware of your humanity, and the essence of your humanity is creative.  You were created out of nothing, and you are part of a world that is infinitely and inherently creative.

Rivers and streams, the oak tree and the bald eagle: these are part of the created universe of which you are also a part.

The evening thrush sings and you, too, have a song that’s uniquely yours.  When life becomes all about doing, especially when much of that doing is crisis management, we get severed from something so essential.  For millennia, people have gathered around the fire to listen to stories on long winter nights.  A mother sang to the stars as she rocked her baby to sleep, crooning a lullaby she invented.

I want you to honor your creativity precisely because so much is at stake in our world, and in your world.

I want you to honor your creativity when you’re sick, overwhelmed, and exhausted, because I believe that the deepest depletion is often caused by being cut off from your own heart and soul.

Writing can help put you back together.  When done in a way that allows you to be grounded in your body, rooted on the earth, and open to the vast intelligence of your own soul, writing can restore your humanity and replenish your starving spirit.