An Invitation to Join June’s Sacred Writing Circle, and Why It Matters

An invitation to Wednesday’s Free Sacred Writing Circle, plus some thoughts on why it matters.


Once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month, I offer a Free Sacred Writing Circle via teleconference. The calls are based on themes drawn from the principles that guide my Soul Writing Journeys. This month’s theme is Writing the Body Home.  The call takes place on Wednesday, June 5 @ noon Pacific Time, 3 pm Eastern.  You can register here.


The calls are an invitation to enter sacred space. They are designed to be a  healing time.  A nourishing time, for your creative soul.


  • A time to write.
  • A time to be held in the safety of
  • A time to offer your words as a prayer to a world in need of healing.


The call begins with a grounding, centering meditation.  Then I offer a teaching based on the theme, which leads to writing exercises. You’ll write on the call.  We usually have time to hear a few people’s writing.


The calls will last one hour.


One hour for you to step away from all the tasks in your busy life, and turn inward.


One hour to give voice to what’s stirring inside you.


Each month you’re invited to join together with other kindred spirits and open the doorway to listen to your soul.


Register here for the free Sacred Writing Circle on June 5th.


Whether you can attend the call or not, here are some thoughts about why it matters to write and to free what gets in the way.


The gift of creative expression is both our privilege and our birthright. In oppressive regimes, freedom of expression is often one of the first things to be taken away. Freedom of speech and the freedom to write are things that many of us take for granted, yet they are privileges that people have risked their lives for.


In healthy indigenous cultures, music, dance and storytelling are woven into everyday life. They’re an essential part of the ceremonies and rituals that honor life cycles and changing seasons.


When we gather to write, we do so as a celebration of our freedom to do so, even as many of us are also healing the wounds and blocks that hold us back.  It’s important to remember that your own challenges to write are both highly personal and individual to you, and also connected to a whole history of people’s voices being silenced.


When you free your voice, you do so for your own sake, and also for your lineage, and also on behalf of so many people who do not have the freedom to use their own voice.


That’s the power of the world we live in today.  Our lives are so deeply interconnected.  If you’re here as a lightworker…if you are here to be part of the Love Revolution, as Matt Kahn calls it…if you’re here to be part of creating a world where everyone thrives…freeing your voice is a powerful act that impacts your own life and the lives of many, when you accept and honor that as part of your intention.


Freeing your voice is also usually about freeing the child within you.  The child who knew who she or he was, but didn’t feel safe to fully express what she knew. This month’s call, when we focus on the body, will be specially designed to free up more of that child’s innate wisdom and beauty, which still lives within you. This child has a gift to share which our world desperately needs…and which you need, to become the full expression of who you truly are.


When I offer a writing circle, I offer it for you and I also invite you to be part of a movement where everyone living in our world today has the freedom to express their own voice. Because only when all of our voices are heard and valued will we be able to heal and restore the life of our planet.


Your soul is asking you to honor your call to write.  Your soul, and the soul of our world, is thankful when you listen to that call.


Listening to that call, you heal and restore your world as you heal and restore the wider world in which all of us live.