Creative Expression Is Your Birthright

Creative Expression Is Your Birthright

Today’s message is brief.  A quick burst of inspiration, to remind you of one key thing that can fire up your writing life this week.

Creative expression is your birthright.

Yes. You were born to be creative.

You are an aspect of a Creative Universe.  You were created from life energy which is inherently creative. You’re composed of molecules which are creative consciousness itself.

How does that change your day?  Your week?  The way you think about your writing?

To enhance this concept, see if you can imagine yourself in a place in nature that’s pulsing with vitality.  Visualize yourself in this place, see the colors around you, hear the sounds, feel it under your feet.

Then:  bring the energy of that place into your own body.  Fill yourself up with it.  Let your cells pulse with the life energy of this place.

Now:  bring your attention to your heart.  Imagine that your writing, or a specific project, is right in front of your heart.  Feel the pulse of energy between your vitalized body and your writing.

Notice what you want to do next!!

Play with taking a few mini-breaks throughout your day to practice that visualization.

Start to re-imagine your relationship to creativity itself and see how that energizes your writing this week.