Freeing Your Silences, Fulfilling Your Destiny

A New 8 Week Soul Writing Journey:

Freeing Your Silences, Fulfilling Your Destiny

Plus A Poem, When The Lost Ones Come Home

I’ve been doing some deep healing and writing recently, connecting with parts of me who had gone very far away in order to survive. The resonance of the reunion has been profound. I recently wrote a poem about this journey, and I share it with you at the end of this newsletter.

I’ve also been inspired to create a new 8 week program, focused on this work of calling your lost parts home, and giving them a voice. Please keep reading to find out more.

If you have any questions about the program, or if you would like to discuss private mentorship on these themes or to support your writing project, just send me an email in response. I look forward to hearing how I can serve you in your journey of freeing your voice and fulfilling your writing dreams.

Freeing Your Silences, Fulfilling Your Destiny

When it comes to freeing your voice and finding your way to a sense of wholeness in your life, few things are as potent and pivotal as giving voice to parts of you that have been lost, and calling those parts back home.

Usually, those parts are your younger selves, or an aspect of your inner child. And sometimes we get silenced later in life through trauma or even through the course of profound spiritual growth. In these times many of us are going through the fire and the process of ascension can feel as challenging as it is exhilarating.

Whatever the cause, those parts of you long to come home. Or, it may be that you’re being asked to let go of what used to be home, so that a new level of wholeness—a true home for your soul—can emerge.

What gets in the way of writing is often the fear of the silenced self—the one who never felt safe to express his or her own truth. When you start to give that part a voice, the energy that was held in silence becomes fuel for your creativity.

It’s also often true that what you need to write about is held in that silence. Listening to and giving voice to what’s been silenced thus becomes not only an act of healing but also a process of renewing and regenerating your writing life.

This process is a key component of Homecoming: A Soul Writing Journey, that I announced in July and offered as a four month program. Engaging in a longer program is powerfully transformative if you’re ready for that kind of commitment. If you’re ready for a deep dive, let me know by responding to this email. But I know that it’s not right for everyone, and so I’ve developed a shorter, more affordable option, based on the ideas I’ve just described:

  • Calling your lost parts home
  • Giving them a voice
  • Allowing that re-connection to regenerate and renew your writing
  • As it brings you to a deeper sense of wholeness in your life

This is powerful healing work and powerful creative magic. It’s a way of remembering who you are and why your writing matters, and clearing what gets in the way. It’s an eight week course where we’ll be writing together on our group calls, and you’ll have optional exercises to do at home to support your process.

A Sacred Journey To Reclaim Your Voice and Your Wholeness

The journey you take will be guided by your own soul. Every class will be an opportunity to enter sacred space, so you have access to the highest level of consciousness, healing and love every step of the way.

If you’re ready to allow your writing to be your guide to personal growth, spiritual evolution and creative fulfillment, this course will be food and fuel to re-ignite your dreams.

Please contact me for details by responding to this email or contacting me

What follows is the poem I wrote out of my own journey of reconnecting with lost, silenced parts of me. It’s a brand new poem and I’m sure I’ll revise it over the next few weeks and months but I also want to share it with you when it’s fresh, because so many people I know are going through intense journeys of their own. May it nourish you.

When the Lost Ones Come Home

When the lost ones come home,

no trumpets blare–

no banners are unfurled–

no crowd gathers at the roadside

to clap and cheer


Instead it is a quiet ripple

of soundless light

a golden ribbon unfurls

within the spine

reaching up to the heart


and then the arms open wide

to embrace–

what—the air?

The silent shadow of a girl?


A whole stream of girls who

reach out their hands

saying—Take me, I am back

the journey has been unfathomable

The abyss so dark

the breaking of my spirit

felt at times irreversible


Yet now comes the spring rain

Now the swift river of hope

carries me—and me—and me—to the

other side, where arms wait for me.


Your arms, they do wait for me, yes?

An embrace.

I see it, though my eyes have grown dim

so long did I dwell in the darkness of an

underground cave.


Yet now— Hallelujah.

Rescue comes.

And yes, I hear the song

of water, of wind,

and  wings—

You walk with me again

and I am glad.

My eyes see colors:

red, pink, orange and green—

all the flowers of the garden

greet me.


I carry you now in my heart

like you carry me in your arms.

Return is sweet, like nectar.

The reunion tastes of honey

and myrrh.


Silver footed gazelles leap

And I hear them now,

yes, the winged ones—


They sing to me,

they sing the song they’ve prepared for me

The song they created

to welcome me back home.