Homecoming: A Soul Writing Journey To Uncover The Full Power Of Your Voice

Come Back Home Through Writing


Uncover the Full Power of Your Voice

A Soul Writing Journey

to your deepest Self

Begins Tuesday, July 23

  • What if your call to write, for any reason, is a true call from your soul?
  • And what if, in honoring that call, you also honor what’s stopping you from writing, so you can heal and transform at the deepest level?

The journey you take to come into the full power of your voice is a journey home to the truth of who you are. It’s a journey that allows you to find your way through the silences that have held you back in the past, and know those places as holy ground.

As you restore the holy ground of your creative self, as you free your voice and write what’s yours to write, you open the way to shine your light in a way that’s truly infused with the power of your soul.

The world needs the light of your voice.

You need your whole self to have access to the full power of your voice.

  • This homecoming honors the most tender, frightened, silenced parts of you and teaches you how to give those parts a voice.
  • While also honoring the magnificence and fullness of who you truly are, and offering tools and practices to cultivate your relationship with that magnificence.
  • This program is an opportunity to heal and transform your relationship with your writing, your self and your life when you’re at a passage which is calling you to evolve, and you need to turn inward to do that work.