Your Voice Matters

Your voice is a sacred gift of your humanity.  In these times, when so much is at stake, it’s your connection with your humanity that will give you the motivation, inspiration, and vision to bring forth your greatest self.

When you lose this basic connection to your humanity, you lose hope.  You feel lost, disconnected from your self and the value of your life, and the contribution your soul longs to make to the world.

It’s easy to feel drained and slide into despair, when you lose your connection with your own voice.

When you find it, and forge a relationship with it that’s strong, solid and yours, you have come into possession of your self in a way that no one can take away from you.

Your voice is a sacred gift to you.  It is part of the spark of divinity that gave you life when you were born, and it is part of what helps you grow and evolve into the unique expression of divinity that you are.  It is a bridge between your humanity and your divinity, and if you recognize it as such, you understand more about its power and potential.

Your voice is as singular as your fingerprint, or a snowflake:  no two are alike.

Even if you’ve been silenced in the past, and feel your voice has gotten lost, or squelched, or taken from you, it’s still there.

The call to claim and use your voice, especially through writing, is a call to be more connected to the truth of your beautiful, quirky, irreplaceable self.

If you’ve been feeling silent, your voice will gently whisper to you, asking you to let it be heard…asking you to write again, so you can come back home.

Your voice matters. Using your voice helps you to know that you matter.

When you write to come home to your self, all sorts of things begin to fall into place in your world, because you’re remembering the truth of who you are.  You come back into connection with your own humanity, and that allows you to remember the humanity of other people.  You need your voice for your own life, and you need it to help all of us restore life to a more humane expression of what’s essential, for life on earth to flourish.

It’s time to remember that your voice matters.

A five minute daily writing practice is a good place to begin.  Your voice is waiting for you.  It hasn’t left you, but it needs you to reach out, say hello, ask it, today, what it most needs you to know.

What will your voice help you to know?  Many things about your essential self.  And, what’s being held in your silences.   All those things you haven’t yet been able to say aloud are exactly what becomes revealed when you write.

If you’ve been silenced by trauma, shock, injury or loss, that silence holds the cry of your soul that needs to be heard.

If  a silence has grown around the innermost chamber of your heart, because you felt you needed to protect its sacred beauty, isn’t it time, now, for you to get past the wall that keeps you out of touch with your own heart’s voice?

Whatever is held in your silence, your journey to move toward your own voice is a journey toward your humanity, and makes space for another person’s humanity to be freed as well.

Begin Now:  Your writing practice:

You can start writing today by simply asking a question to your own self—especially the self in your body: “What do you most need me to know today?”  Start writing, whatever comes, and keep going for at least three minutes.  Your voice will know you’re paying attention, and the flow will begin.

Trust the flow of your own words and your words will feel that trust, and the flow will continue.

Know that every time you write, you’re making a choice to use one of the  sacred gifts of your humanity.   As you do so, you’re part of making this world a more humane place for all of us.