Freeing Your Silences, Fulfilling Your Destiny

A New 8 Week Soul Writing Journey: Freeing Your Silences, Fulfilling Your Destiny Plus A Poem, When The Lost Ones Come Home I’ve been doing some deep healing and writing recently, connecting with parts of me who had gone very far away in order to survive. The resonance of the reunion has been profound. I […]

The Risk To Write

The decision to turn toward your writing, and to keep going—again and again —to finish what you start —to honor the writing you do —to listen to what’s really asking to be said is an act of tremendous courage. Writing takes heart and it takes guts. It asks you to show up—over and over—when you […]

Restore The Holy Ground of Your Creative Self

What would your life look like if you could Restore the Holy Ground of Your Creative Self and Finally Do the Writing You Came Here to Do? How would it feel to complete that memoir?   To be polishing your poems?  Shining your light through the blogs that you write, and offering them to the world […]

“Your One Wild and Precious Life…”

Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day ends with this couplet:  Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? I love this question, and I love the whole poem. (It’s printed in full below). As I read it, I feel like Mary Oliver is asking us to step […]

Do Your Early Silences Impact Your Writing Now?

I have long been fascinated by the connection between silence and language. When I say silence in this context, I’m referring to the experience of being silenced, or feeling silenced—of having something to say and being unable to say it.  I call that an “unchosen silence.” Yes, I’m well aware of another kind of silence: […]